Apologize Questions & Answers

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Apologize Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The two boys and the girl advanced menacingly because they were……..

i. happy with boy.
ii. angry with boy.
iii. encouraged by their friends to do so.
iv. threatened by the boy.

(b) The boy looked at them with fear and concentration because he……….

i. was unable to understand why they were threatening him.
ii. had not done his homework.
iii. was unable to fight with them.
iv. did not want to be friends with them.

(c) The children became more and more aggressive as the boy continued to…………..

i. argue with them.
ii. refuse to make friends with the girl.
iii. talk to them impolitely.
iv. stand quietly and not do what the children asked him to do.

(d) Jan van de Meer interfered in the boys’ fight because…….

i. he was a good friend of the Iranian boy.
ii. he felt it was wrong for children to beat each other.
iii. the boy had to be taken to a doctor.
iv. he had been asked by his seniors to do so.

Question 2: Where did the boy live? Which country did he belong to?

Answer: The boy lived in Amsterdam. He belonged to Iran.

Question 3: What did the children think when the boy did not apologize?

Answer: The children thought that the Iranian boy was too proud to apologize.

Question 4: How did the boy react when the children become aggressive?

Answer: The boy was very much scared of them and there was a mask of fear and concentration on his face. When they hit him, he did not cry.

Question 5: Why had the boy not apologized to the girl?

Answer: The boy didn’t apologize to the girl because he did not know the Dutch translation of apologizing.

Question 6: Who do you think was at fault?

Answer: I think both were at fault. The Iranian boy was at fault because he had not told the youngsters that he was not knowing the meaning of apologize before. The three youngsters were at fault as they should not have immediately taken wrong action on the boy like beating or throwing pebbles.

Question 7: What does Jan van de Meer’s behaviour tell you about his character? Do you think he would be a good caption?

Answer: Jan Van de Meer was a confident person. He was also unbiased. Using his wisdom, he did not create problems but gave a solution to it as if he was understanding the boy. In my opinion, he would be a good captain because of his leadership qualities as well as problem solving attitude. He was calm and could convince others to solve problems. Besides being an observant and a good listener to find who was innocent, he was also a good captain.

So, these were Apologize Questions & Answers.

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