Our Wonderful Brain Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Our Wonderful Brain Questions & Answers.

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Our Wonderful Brain Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Conscious – awake and aware
  • Sorts out – separates and arranges
  • Vein – tube like structure that carries blood from all the part of the body towards the heart
  • Creature – living being
  • Artery – tube like structures which carry blood from heart to the body

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The biggest difference between the brain and a computer is that a……………..

i. computer can only do what it is told and has no feelings.
ii. computer has feelings
iii. brain can only do what it is told.

(b) The brain receives information through the……………..

i. eyes and ears
ii. nerves
iii. skull

(c) When you are bitten by a mosquito on the neck, a message is sent from the……………..

i. nerves in the neck to the brain
ii. neck to the arm
iii. brain to neck

Question 2: Complete the table:


The ComputerThe Human Brain
i. The computer cannot feel things.i. The human brain can make you feel sad or happy or upset.
ii. The computer can’t do things that it hasn’t been already told to do.ii. Your brain can help you think of a story.
iii. The computer sends information to its memory through the wires.iii. The brain sends signals through the nerve cells.
iv. The computer is not aware of itself.iv. The human brain can think, dream and imagine.
v. The computer can receive and remember information.v. Your brain helps you know you are here. You are conscious.

Question 3: Why was Aruna upset?

Answer: Vivek teased Aruna saying that she has no brain. Thus, Aruna was upset.

Question 4: In what way is a human brain different from the brain of flies and cockroaches?

Answer: The brain of flies and cockroaches are not as clever or as big as human brain.

Question 5: In what ways is our brain better than a computer?

Answer: We can think, dream and imagine which a computer cannot. Also, we can do many things without others instructions but a computer does only that much work as much is instructed to it. A computer has no feelings while we do feel happy, sad, excited or upset.

Question 6: If you feel thirsty, how would your brain help you get this information?

Answer: When we feel thirsty, the nerves carry the information to the brain. The brain then acts accordingly.

So, these were Our Wonderful Brain Questions & Answers.

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