Powerful Moves Questions & Answers

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Powerful Moves Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. The game of chess was invented by

(a) Sissa.
(b) Sheram, the king.
(c) the prime minister.

2. The king wanted the wise man to come to his court because he wanted to

(a) punish him.
(b) consult him.
(c) reward him.

3. What did Sissa want from the king?

(a) wheat grains
(b) a piece of land
(c) some gold coins

Question 2: Why was the king surprised on seeing Sissa?

Answer: The King was surprised on seeing Sissa because of his simple demeanour.

Question 3: The king had to give the sage grains based on a certain sequence. Explain the calculation.

Answer: Sissa asked the King to give him grains of wheat in exchange for the squares on the chessboard. For the first square, he would like two grains of wheat. For the second, he would like two multiplied by itself, which is four grains of wheat. For the third, two must be multiplied by itself thrice, and for the fourth, two must be multiplied by itself four times, and so on, until the sixty-fourth square.

Question 4: Why did the king ask the royal astronomer for the scroll of paper?

Answer: The king asked the royal astronomer for the scroll of paper because he was losing track of the calculation in his head. He felt if the numbers were written on the paper, it will be easier for him to calculate the final figure of grains to be given to Sissa.

Question 5: What problem did the prime minister point out to the king regarding the reward?

Answer: The Prime Minister told the King that if all the land on Earth were sown with wheat, it would still not yield the grain they had promised Sissa.

Question 6: Why did a simple request turn out to be such a difficult calculation? Discuss the magic of numbers in this context.

Answer: A simple request turned out to be such a difficult calculation because the king had not thought about Sissa’s request deeply. He had anticipated it to be as simple calculation as the request itself. The magic of the numberswas that it finally made the king realise that he was after all an ordinary human, who did not have the power to control everything in the world. This made him humble at the end of the story.

Question 7: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Explain this proverb with reference to the story.

Answer: Don’t judge a book by its cover. This proverb suits the story because the king judged Sissa by his appearance and took his word at face value. He thought that Sissa had foolishly requested for an extremely humble reward when he could have asked for much more. However, in the process of fulfilling Sissa’s request, the king finally realised that the request was neither simple, nor was he capable of fulfilling it, and this finally humbled the king himself.

Question 8: The king was a powerful man while Sissa was a wise man. According to you, which quality is more important – power or wisdom? Why?

Answer: Wisdom is more important than power. Although the king was powerful, he could not keep his promise to Sissa. The powerful king was finally forced to accept his defeat as he was humbled by the wisdom of Sissa.

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