Eat From The Edges Questions & Answers

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Eat From The Edges Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who said these words and to whom?

1. We are thirsty.

Answer: Chandragupta said these words to the old woman.

2. We were outnumbered from the very beginning.

Answer: Chanakya said these words to Chandragupta.

3. Why don’t you listen to me?

Answer: The old woman said these words to her grandson Hari.

4. I feel that failure is my destiny in life.

Answer: Chandragupta said these words to Chanakya.

5. I thank you and bow to you in gratitude, for on this day you have taught us a very valuable lesson indeed.

Answer: Chanakya said these words to the old woman.

Question 2: Why did Chandragupta and Chanakya stop at the old woman’s hut?

Answer: Chandragupta and Chanakya stopped at the old woman’s hut for water and rest as they are exhausted after being in a battle for a long time.

Question 3: According to Chanakya, why were they losing the battle each time?

Answer: According to Chanakya, they were losing the battle each time as they were outnumbered.

Question 4: What happened when Hari tried to eat his meal of rice gruel?

Answer: When Hari tried to eat the gruel from the centre of his plate, he burnt his fingers.

Question 5: Why did the old woman tell Hari to eat his food from the outer edges first?

Answer: The old woman told Hari to eat his food from the outer edges first because all the heat gets into the middle, and so the outer edges start cooling first. The heat in the center is very strong and will not cool quickly. That’s why the outer edges start cooling quickly. The food in the center will be the hottest, and the food at the outer edges will be the coolest.

Question 6: What was the new battle strategy planned by Chanakya, based on the words of the old woman?

Answer: They are going to change their methods now. They shall attack suddenly without any warning and shall attack the outer fringes of the Nanda army. They are the weakest sections with the least weapons and the worst soldiers. They will attack and then withdraw just as suddenly as they came. They shall not take on the whole army. They will attack at the weakest points. They shall take over small villages and forts and then slowly as their victories increase, they shall have more resources and men, and then they will move in for the kill.

Question 7: Comment on the relationship between Chandragupta and Chanakya. Did Chandragupta always listen to his teacher? Was he inspired by the wisdom of his teacher?

Answer: The relationship between Chandragupta and Chanakya was that of an obedient student and a wise and caring master. Yes, Chandragupta always listened to his teacher. Yes, Chandragupta was inspired by the wisdom of his teacher and decided to follow his advice, which finally led him to victory.

Question 8: Who do you think was headstrong – Chanakya or Chandragupta? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Chandragupta seemed to be headstrong. Although he paid heed to the wisdom of his teacher and followed his advice, he was still not fully confident of their ability to win against the Nanda army. He was having doubts of whether they would be able to overthrow Dhana Nanda, before finally being convinced by his teacher and assured of victory if they followed the new strategy.

Question 9: What did Chandragupta want to do for the old woman before they left? What does this tell you about his character?

Answer: Before they left, Chandragupta wanted to repair the old woman’s leaking hut. This tells us that he was good person, who had all the qualities of becoming a king who cared for the welfare of his people and helped them in every manner possible.

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