What Can You Do Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share What Can You Do Questions & Answers.

This poem tells us how little steps from everyone will go a long way towards making the Earth clean and green again. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of Children At Work, Clouds and Waves and Fight Manju Fight so, you can check these posts as well.

What Can You Do Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions.

1. There’s something each of us can do

(a) What does the poet say that we can do?

Answer: The poet says that we can clean beaches, rivers. We can recycle the bottles and cans. We should learn about the global warming and its effects and let explain to others.

(b) Why should each of us do something?

Answer: Each of us do something to protect environment from the harmful effects of global warming. We should save our mother Earth.

2. Learn about the problems we face

(a) What are the problems we face?

Answer: We are facing so many challenges such as pollution, global warming, non-stop use of plastics, polluted beaches and rivers, garbage disposal and many more.

(b) How can we learn about them?

Answer: We can learn about the problems through magazines, newspapers, news channels and social media.

3. So take time out on Earth Day

(a) Why does the poet ask us to take time out on Earth Day?

Answer: The poet asks us to take time on Earth Day to know about the harmful effects on environment and help to solve the problem by doing something like cleaning beaches, rivers and recycle the bottles.

(b) What does the phrase ‘take time out’ mean?

Answer: ‘Take time out’ means to spare some time from our busy schedule to protect our motherland.

Question 2: What are the signs of pollution that the poet speaks of?

Answer: The poet speaks of piling up of huge garbage and littering on the streets. He also mentioned about the air pollution, which we can smell in the air.

Question 3: Do you think the poet is asking us to do a lot? Why?

Answer: No, the poet is not asking us to do a lot. We are only asked to do a little share of help to protect our environment.

Question 4: How can we show the Earth that we care?

Answer: We can show the Earth that we care by helping a little bit such as by picking up the litter from the streets and dump that properly in the dustbins. We can go out on Earth Day to clean the beaches and rivers. We can reduce the use of plastics from our life and recycle the bottles and cans.

Question 5: What is the message conveyed in the poem?

Answer: Message conveyed in the poem is that we should care of our motherland. We all should take responsibility to clean our Earth. Our air is getting polluted day by day. We all should take steps to prevent pollution.

Question 6: Do you think that caring for the Earth is like caring for ourselves? Why?

Answer: Yes, caring for the Earth is like caring for ourselves, if we keep our surrounding clean definitely it will help us to stay healthy. Our environment will be free from diseases as well.

So, these were What Can You Do Questions & Answers.

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