Journey To Jo’burg Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Journey To Jo’burg Questions & Answers.

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Journey To Jo’burg Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the sentences as True or False.

1. Tiro is the elder brother of Naledi – False
2. Grace was stuck inside the train and couldn’t make her way out – True
3. A policeman yelled at a sixteen-year-old boy – True
4. The police took Naledi and Tiro with them – False
5. Naledi and Tiro went to the arrested man’s house to get his pass – True
6. The children never met Grace again – False

Question 2: Who are the two main characters in the story? How are they related to each other?

Answer: Naledi and Tiro are the two main characters in the story. They are siblings. Naledi is the elder sister of Tiro.

Question 3: Why was the train so crowded?

Answer: The train was crowded because it was a rush hour when many people travelled to or from work.

Question 4: How did the children get separated from Grace?

Answer: The train was very crowded, as it was a rush hour. At each station, the crowd heaved towards the carriage door, people urgently pushing their way through. But in a sudden surge at one of the stations, they found themselves being carried forwards, hurling out onto the platform. They desperately tried to reach back to the open door, but passengers were still coming out, although the train was already beginning to move on. Grace was also unable to get out of the train.

Question 5: Why did the police come to the railway station?

Answer: The police came to the railway station to check the passes of all passengers.

Question 6: How did Naledi and Tiro try to help the unfortunate man without a pass?

Answer: Naledi and Tiro went to the house of the unfortunate man. They informed his son that his father had been arrested because he was not carrying his pass.

Question 7: Why did the boy throw a stone at the police car?

Answer: The boy wanted to stop the police van that was carrying his father. He shouted at the policemen to stop the van but when they did not stop, he threw a stone because he was angry that his father had been arrested.

Question 8: What did the boy mean when he said, ‘How can our parents put up with this?’

Answer: The boy was angry that his parents were suffering due to the policy of apartheid followed by the South African Government.

Question 9: Why do you think the black people needed a pass? What does that tell us about apartheid?

Answer: The black people needed a pass to stay in the urban areas so that they could seek employment. The pass contained details about the person, his/her photograph the name of the employer, how long the person had been employed, and other information. Any African who violated pass laws lost the urban citizenship and was deported to rural homeland. This tells us that apartheid was a very discriminatory system. Black people had to face many hardships in South Africa.

Question 10: According to you, what problems did the children in the story face because of apartheid?

Answer: The children faced many hardships due to apartheid. They had to live apart from their mother. They had to travel in compartments meant only for blacks and these were usually very crowded. Due to the crowd, they even got separated from their aunt on their way to visit their mother. The children feared the police because they knew that the police ill-treated with black children.

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