Raymond’s Run Questions & Answers

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Raymond’s Run Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the sentences as True or False:

1. Raymond was younger than Squeaky – False
2. Gretchen and Squeaky were friends – False
3. Gretchen ran faster than Squeaky – False
4. Squeaky was very serious about her running and practised breathing exercises daily – True
5. Elizabeth Deborah Parker was Gretchen’s full name – False

6. Gretchen won all the races – False
7. Squeaky was compared to Mercury by the big kids – True
8. Mr Pearson told Squeaky that ten girls were participating in the race – False
9. Squeaky participated in the fifty-yard dash – True
10. Squeaky felt that girls never faked their smile – False

Question 2: How did Squeaky help in the house?

Answer: Squeaky’s job is to mind his elder brother Raymond, a boy with personality disorder.

Question 3: How did Squeaky defend Raymond?

Answer: Squeaky defended Raymond by getting into a fight if required and hitting the persons who made disrespectful comments for her brother. She used to run away if things became too rough.

Question 4: How did Squeaky practice running?

Answer: Squeaky practiced running whenever she could and always preferred running rather than walking. She also took a stroll down Broadway and practiced breathing exercise to on her strolls.

Question 5: Why did Squeaky keep Raymond on the inside close to the building while walking down the street?

Answer: Squeaky kept Raymond on the inside, close to the building, while walking because he would get away from the sidewalk and go the road. Sometimes he would want to cross the traffic and go to the island in the middle of Broadway.

Question 6: How did Gretchen and her friends behave with Squeaky and Raymond?

Answer: Gretchen and her friends behaved in a very rude manner with Squeaky and Raymond.

Question 7: What was Squeaky’s opinion about grown-ups’ behavior in general?

Answer: Squeaky felt that sometimes ‘grown-ups’ are very stupid and behaved very rudely with children.

Question 8: What did Mr. Pearson tell Squeaky?

Answer: Mr. Pearson told Squeaky that only six girls are participating and the new girl would give her a tough competition.

Question 9: What kind of relationship did Squeaky have with her brother?

Answer: Squeaky took good care of her brother Raymond, like a mother. She tried to make sure that other children did not make fun of him or trouble him. She also protected him whenever they were on a stroll by ensuring that he walked or ran on the inside of the sidewalk.

Question 10: What plans did Squeaky have for her brother?

Answer: Squeaky wanted to coach Raymond, so that he will become a good runner.

Question 11: How did Gretchen respond to Squeaky’s smile? What does it tell us about Gretchen’s nature?

Answer: Gretchen congratulated Squeaky and smiled back to her. It tells us that Gretchen could be a good-natured girl and had sportsman spirit.

Question 12: What kind of person was Squeaky? Give examples from the text to support your answer.

Answer: Squeaky was a very confident girl. She called herself the fastest thing on two feet who no one could beat. She was a very protective sister. This is reflected when she said, ‘But if anybody was anything to say to Raymond they have to come by me.’ She was a good observer and kept an eye on Raymond all the time, even when she was practicing or running. She was hardworking and practiced her sport regularly. Squeaky also had a good sense of humor. When Mr. Pearson called her Squeaky, she said that he has no right to call her Squeaky and she couldn’t call him Beanstalk. She was a strong person who could not get bullied by others and stood up against Gretchen and her friends. She was kind hearted as well as at the end she looked towards Gretchen with kindness and acknowledged that she is a fast runner.

Question 13: Well, Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, going to give someone else a break this year? Why do you think Mr. Pearson said this?

Answer: Mr. Pearson said this because he knew that Squeaky would win the race and he wanted Gretchen to win.

Question 14: I could get piano lessons and become a star. But what has Raymond got to call his own? What does this tell us about Squeaky?

Answer: This tell us that Squeaky was a very kind and sensitive person who thought beyond herself. She understood the needs of her brother.

Question 15: Do you think Raymond would really become a good racer? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Raymond could be a good racer, as he closely observed the hardwork of his sister Squeaky. He was very passionate about his running, even though he was mentally less developed. He practiced breathing exercise along with his sister daily. Squeaky could be his good coach and trained him as a good runner.

So, these were Raymond’s Run Questions & Answers.

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