Mother Nature’s Treasures Questions & Answers

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Mother Nature’s Treasures Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions:

1. Mother Nature smiled at me then reached to take my hand,
She walked me cross the countryside, to view her troubled land.

(a) How has nature been described by the speaker?

Answer: Nature has been described as a mother.

(b) Where did Mother Nature take the speaker?

Answer: Mother Nature took the speaker across the countryside to the area where human beings have exploited and abused natural resources.

2. She asked me: What is the worth of the redtail’s call,
As she flies to feed her nest?

(a) What did Mother Nature draw the poet’s attention to?

Answer: Mother Nature drew the poet’s attention to the bird’s cry.

(b) Where was the redtail flying?

Answer: The redtail was flying to find food for her children.

3. There is no given worth at all in Nature’s priceless treasures.
There is no way you could ever pay using dollars as your measures.

(a) What are Nature’s priceless treasures?

Answer: Mountains, wildlife, plants, rivers, air and all other things found in environment are Nature’s Priceless treasure.

(b) What do you understand by the second line?

Answer: The second line tells us that it is not possible to measure the gifts of nature in money or dollars.

4. Again she holds my hands in hers and softly starts to speak.
My treasures and my pleasures belong to all who do their share,

(a) How does Mother Nature speak to the poet?

Answer: Mother Nature speaks to the poet in trembling voice.

(b) Who do all the treasures and pleasures of nature belong to?

Answer: All the treasures and pleasures of nature belong to all who willing to share these resources and take care of them.

Question 2: What has man done to our precious Earth?

Answer: Man had misused and abused our precious Earth.

Question 3: What did the herd bull do? Why?

Answer: The herd bull made a call to challenge the human being who are threating their habitat.

Question 4: How did the sky look during the sunset?

Answer: The sky looks very colourful during the sunset.

Question 5: How was the coyote’s cry?

Answer: The Coyote’s cry was mournful.

Question 6: What did Mother Nature say about selling her treasures?

Answer: Mother Nature does not ever want to sell her treasures.

Question 7: Why did Mother Nature have tears in her eyes?

Answer: Mother Nature has tears in her eyes thinking about the way mankind has abused and misused nature’s treasures.

Question 8: In the poem, Mother Nature says that man has confused and abused things with inane thoughts of worth. Explain what she means by that.

Answer: Mother Nature says that the man has confused and abused things with inane things of worth, that means man has destroyed the natural resources and world to build things that are meaningless. Human has cut down the forests and built concrete building over there, he has killed wildlife for their fur and skin to make clothes and other goods, thereby investing in things that can be bought with money at the cost of the nature’s treasures.

Question 9: In the second and the third stanza, Mother Nature asks many questions. Do you think she is looking for answers to those questions? Why/Why not?

Answer: In the second and the third stanza, Mother Nature asked many questions, she is not looking for answers, she just wanted to pass the message of her that all the animals and birds are sad by the deteriorating health of Mother Nature, but human is still unaware of the consequences of destroying the natural world.

So, these were Mother Nature’s Treasures Questions & Answers.

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