The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle Questions & Answers

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The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and identify the speaker:

1. It is a seedy, disreputable, hard, felt hat!

Answer: Holmes

2. I can see nothing!

Answer: Watson

3. But he might be a bachelor.

Answer: Watson

4. See what my wife found in its crop!

Answer: Peterson

5. John Horner, the plumber, was arrested for it.

Answer: Peterson

6. It’s a bonny thing!

Answer: Holmes

7. She is so rarely pleased these days.

Answer: Baker

8. His name is Breckenridge.

Answer: Windigate, the landlord of the Alpha Inn

9. Wish I had never seen them.

Answer: Breckenridge

10. I beg you, please tell me who bought it?

Answer: John Ryder

Question 2: How did Holmes manage to get the felt hat?

Answer: Peterson, the Commissionaire was returning home on Christmas morning around 4:00 a.m. and a man, carrying a goose, had an altercation with a gang of roughs and when Peterson rushed forward, he dropped his left the goose and his hat and took to his heels. Peterson brought both to Holmes.

Question 3: What deductions did Holmes make of the hat based on his close examination?

Answer: After a close examination, Holmes deduced that the man was highly intellectual, well-to-do three years ago but was poor now. He had had foresight earlier but not now, and sadly, his wife had ceased to love him.

Question 4: How did Peterson get the Blue Carbuncle?

Answer: Peterson picked up the goose and the hat which the unknown man had dropped when he took to his heels and brought both to Holmes who gave him the goose since it might get spoilt and kept the hat. Peterson’s wife cut the goose open and found the Blue Carbuncle in its crop.

Question 5: How did the Blue Carbuncle get lost?

Answer: The Blue Carbuncle belonged to the Countess of Morcar and it was unique and priceless. She was staying in the Hotel Cosmopolitan, when there was a minor maintenance problem in her room. The plumber John Horner was called, he finished his work and left. The bureau was found forced open and the jewel was missing. Horner was arrested, but the police could not recover the jewel.

The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle Questions & Answers

Question 6: What did Holmes do to meet the owner of the goose?

Answer: There was a card on the goose’s leg which said, ‘For Mrs Henry Baker’. So, Sherlock Holmes put an advertisement in all the newspapers saying, ‘Found at the corner of Tottenham Court Road, a goose and a black felt hat. Mr Henry Baker can collect the same from 221 B Baker Street this evening at 6:30 p.m.’ And promptly at 6:30 p.m. Mr Henry Baker arrived to meet Holmes.

Question 7: Why was Mr Henry Baker not interested in the remnants of the goose he lost?

Answer: Mr Henry Baker was not interested in the remnants of the goose he lost because he was innocent and he did not know that there was a precious jewel hidden in the crop of the goose. The fact that Holmes offered to give him the remnants of the goose and he refused to take them proves his innocence.

Question 8: How did the Blue Carbuncle get into the crop of the white goose with the barred tail?

Answer: The Blue Carbuncle was stolen by John Ryder from the bureau of the room in the Hotel Cosmopolitan. It was a great burden to him because he thought the police would at any time search him and find it. When he saw some geese in his sister’s yard, he remembered that she had promised to give him one of her geese for Christmas. So, he caught a white goose with a black barred tail and stuffed the Blue Carbuncle down it’s throat. It swallowed it and he released it and told his sister that he would take his goose later. When he later took the goose and cut it open, he was shocked to find the jewel missing. He rushed back to his sister who told him that there were two white geese with black barred tails and he had obviously got the wrong one.

Question 9: Trace the goose’s journey from its owner to Holmes.

Answer: The white goose with the black barred tail belonged to Mrs Oakshot of Brixton Road who sold them to a salesman called Breckenridge in Covent Garden, who in turn sold them to the landlord of the Alpha Inn who had instituted a scheme for his regular clients, that they should save a few pence each week with him and at Christmas time they would each get a fine goose. One of his regular customers was Mr Henry Baker who was going home with the goose given to him by the landlord when he dropped it on Tottenham Court Road because of the gang of roughs. Peterson had picked it up and brought it to Sherlock Holmes.

Question 10: How did Holmes prove his deductions?

Answer: Holmes proved his deductions by showing Watson that Mr Baker was earlier wealthy because he was wearing expensive clothes which were now shabby, and he had had a haircut recently which proved that the grizzled bits of hair in the hat were the right indication. Mr Baker also made the statement that his wife was rarely pleased these days which again proved that Holmes deduction that his wife had ceased to love him was right. Thus, all the deductions made by Sherlock Holmes were proved right.

Question 11: Why did Holmes let John Ryder go free?

Answer: Sherlock Holmes allowed John Ryder to go free because he had accidentally recovered the stolen Blue Carbuncle, and it was also the season of forgiveness because it was Christmas. It was also possible that he was saving a soul from becoming a jail bird and a hardened criminal later.

So, these were The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle Questions & Answers.

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