Jimmy Valentine Questions & Answers

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Jimmy Valentine Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Me?’ said Jimmy, in surprise.’ Why, I never cracked a safe in my life.’

(a) Who was Jimmy speaking to?

Answer: Jimmy was speaking to the warden.

(b) Where was Jimmy?

Answer: Jimmy was in the front office of the warden.

(c) What had the person asked Jimmy?

Answer: The person told Jimmy that being a good fellow at heart, he should stop cracking safes and lead an honest life.

(d) What does ‘cracked a safe’ mean here?

Answer: Here ‘cracked a safe’ means to succeed in opening a safe in order to steal what is inside it.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

….. the phoenix that arose from Jimmy Valentine’s ashes…ashes left by the flame of a sudden and alterative attack of love…

(a) Who was the phoenix?

Answer: A phoenix in Greek mythology was a bird that could live for a long time and could also be regenerated or reborn from the ashes of its predecessor.

(b) Why has the word phoenix been used to describe this person?

Answer: Jimmy succeeded to win the heart of Annabel. He then decided to marry her and leave safe-cracking. Thus, Jimmy transformed himself from a safe-cracker to a successful businessman. So, he was compared to a phoenix as his old identity was reduced to ashes and a new identity came from it.

(c) What had caused an attack of love?

Answer: Jimmy changed his ways after he fell in love with Annabel, and it seemed that his love for her was sincere.

(d) What had this attack led to?

Answer: Jimmy Valentine was a hardened criminal who immediately returned to safe-cracking when he was released from prison. However, having been fallen in love with Annabel, he was transformed into a cultured person.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

My precious darling! wailed the mother. She will die of fright! Open the door! Oh, break it open! Can’t you do something?

(a) Who was the precious darling?

Answer: Agatha was the precious darling.

(b) What had happened to her?

Answer: She was locked up inside the dark vault mistakenly by her elder sister, May.

(c) What did the mother want?

Answer: Mother wanted the door of the vault to be broken in order to rescue her frightened child at once.

(d) Who helped her and how?

Answer: On behalf of the mother, Annabel requested Jimmy to save the child. Jimmy opened the door using his burglarious skills.

Question 4: Why did Jimmy go to prison?

Answer: Jimmy was sent to prison for a safe-cracking job in Springfield.

Question 5: How long did Jimmy stay in the prison?

Answer: Jimmy stayed in the prison for ten months.

Question 6: What did the warden tell Jimmy when he was released from the prison?

Answer: When Jimmy was released from the prison, the warden told him to lead a straight life and stop cracking safes. The warden called him ‘a good fellow’ as well.

Jimmy Valentine Questions & Answers

Question 7: What was the first thing that Jimmy did after he left the prison?

Answer: The first place he visited after he got out of prison is Mike Dolan’s restaurant and inn. There, he retrieved a bag that was kept hidden for him while he served a short prison term; the bag contained all the tools of Jimmy’s safe-breaking trade.

Question 8: What was in Jimmy’s suitcase?

Answer: Jimmy’s suitcase contained a full set of burglar’s tools which were the finest set in the East. The tools were drills, punches, braces and bits, jimmies, clamps and augers.

Question 9: Why did he reach out for his suitcase again?

Answer: He reached out for his suitcase again so that he could carry on with his safe-cracking business in a new location.

Question 10: What did Jimmy do to earn money after he left the prison?

Answer: Immediately, after he was released from prison, Jimmy continued committing burglaries to earn money.

Question 11: What did Jimmy decide once he fell in love with Annabel?

Answer: Jimmy fell in love with Annabel and turned into another man who knew nothing about burglary or criminality. He decided to transform himself into a hardworking and a worthy man and planned to marry Annabel.

Question 12: What was Jimmy’s relationship with Annabel’s family?

Answer: As Ralph alias Jimmy finally lived the straight life, he won the heart of Annabel, and gained the respect of her family and the entire town. Jimmy was considered to be the future son in law of Adams’ family.

Question 13: How was Agatha saved from the vault?

Answer: Jimmy laid out his shining queer burglary tools from his suitcase. Using his drills, Jimmy spoiled the mechanism of the vault and threw back the bolts and opened the steel door of the vault within ten minutes. That is how, Agatha was saved.

Question 14: Why did Ben let Jimmy go in the end?

Answer: Ben let him go because he was touched by Jimmy’s willingness to give up his criminal life in order to live with his new bride. Jimmy saved the little girl without caring about revealing his true identity. That proved to him that Jimmy was trustworthy in his reformation, and worth giving a second chance.

So, these were Jimmy Valentine Questions & Answers.

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