Upon The Songs of Whales Questions & Answers

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Upon The Songs of Whales Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Humpback – a large whale with a raised area known as a hump and long flippers
  • Sonorous – deep, ringing, and pleasant sound; (here) deeply musical
  • Wailing – crying loudly with anger, pain or sadness
  • Roused – awakened
  • Lithe – able to move and bend easily and gracefully; flexible
  • Languid – moved slowly in a lazy manner
  • Beluga – a small white whale with a bulbous head found in the Arctic coastal regions
  • sperm whales – a large whale with an enormous head and the largest brain on Earth
  • California grey – a whale that looks like a crusty ocean rock as it is usually covered with parasites
  • Pilot whale – a whale with black skin and a bulbous head found in all seas except polar seas
  • Complex – complicated
  • Orcas – large-toothed whales with black-and-white markings that hunt in groups

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. The song of the whales

(a) woke the poet from sleep.
(b) was heard by the poet at night.
(c) disturbed him as he was studying.

2. The blue whale is known for its

(a) whistles.
(b) loud cry.
(c) clicking bursts.

3. The low melodic wailing was produced by the

(a) orca.
(b) beluga whale.
(c) humpback whale.

Question 2: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions.

1. The finest singer in the sea
I heard upon this morn

(a) Who does the poet refer to as the finest singer?

Answer: The poet refers to the humpback whale as the finest singer.

(b) When does the poet hear the song?

Answer: The poet heard the song in the morning.

2. Though it is far too rare today
With such an awful why.

(a) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the great blue whale.

(b) What does the poet mean by ‘an awful why’?

Answer: It is very disheartening that we do not get to hear the cry of the whale now-a-days.

Question 3: Why does the poet say a universe was born?

Answer: The melodious song by humpback whale was the beginning of the music in the sea. The other whales would then join in and create harmony in the sea. So, the poet says that it seems that a universe was born.

Question 4: How does the melodic wailing of the whales affect the poet?

Answer: The low melodic sound rouses the poet from his sleep and touches core heart of him.

Question 5: Why do you think the poet refers to the blue whale as a rare animal?

Answer: The blue whales are hunted and killed for their oil, meat and whale bones, as a result they are hardly seen or heard now a days. They are on the brink of extinction.

So, these were Upon The Songs of Whales Questions & Answers.

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