Puchki’s Games Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Puchki’s Games Questions & Answers.

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Puchki’s Games Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Cabinet – cupboard
  • To give away – to let a secret out
  • Seemed – looked like
  • Tough – difficult
  • Restless – nervous
  • Porch – half covered entrance
  • Chew stick – a stick used for cleaning teeth
  • Petted – loved like a pet
  • Wagged – moved
  • Endlessly – non-stop

Question 1: Answer the following in one word:

(a) How old is Peehu?

Answer: Six

(b) What was the name of Peehu’s puppy?

Answer: Puchki

(c) How old is Puchki?

Answer: One

(d) Who gifted Puchki to Peehu?

Answer: Papa

(e) What was the puppy’s favourite game?

Answer: Hide and Seek

(f) Who helped Peehu find Puchki?

Answer: Mother

Question 2: How could Peehu always find Puchki in the game of “Hide and Seek”?

Answer: Peehu could always find Puchki in the game of ‘Hide and Seek’ because her wagging tail always gave her away.

Question 3: How did mummy find Puchki?

Answer: Mummy found Puchki when she called out to her with the chew stick.

Question 4: Write True or False:

(a) Puchki’s favourite game was hide and seek – True
(b) Puchki was found in porch – False
(c) Puchki loved to eat chew stick – True
(d) Sometimes Puchki climbed up the hill – False
(e) Mummy took out teddy bear for Puchki – False

Question 5: Arrange the following in correct order:


…4…Mummy picked Puchki up and petted her.
…3…Mummy heard Puchki’s cries and looked in the bathroom.
…2…Mummy took out a chew stick for Puchki.
…1…Mummy looked under the bed and in the porch but Puchki was not there.
…5…Puchki was very happy to see them and wagged her tail endlessly.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks with the help of words given below.

Puchki’s Games Questions & Answers

(a) Puchki was presented to Peehu on her fifth birthday.
(b) She climbed up on the cabinet.
(c) Mummy picked her up and petted her.
(d) Mummy looked under the bed and in the porch.
(e) Puchki was happy to see us so her tail wagged endlessly.

So, these were Puchki’s Games Questions & Answers.

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