Quasimodo Questions & Answers

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Quasimodo Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Revolting – extremely unpleasant
  • Sprig – a small mark
  • Scarlet – bright red in colour
  • Implications – suggestions
  • Pompous – self-important
  • Seductively – temptingly
  • Unorthodox – not usual
  • Iridescent – glowing
  • Imploring – pleading
  • Indignation – anger
  • Duped – tricked
  • Inflated – enlarged
  • Ecstasy – rapture (an overwhelming feeling of great happiness)
  • Sullen – bad tempered
  • Slinking – moving silently
  • Banish – sent away

Question 1: Describe the young Quasimodo.

Answer: Quasimodo was a baby pigeon and he was very ugly to look at. His wrinkled skin was red and he had yellow down all over his body. Even after his feather had grown, he had same yellow down at the top of his head. Quasimodo could not fly and walked everywhere. He wanted to participate in everything that the family was involved in.

Question 2: How did Quasimodo respond to music?

Answer: Quasimodo loved to listen to music and could distinguish between a waltz and military march. He sat quietly and listened to ordinary music with his eyes half closed. With a waltz, however, he moved round the gramophone in dance like movements. On hearing military march, Quasimodo twist out his chest and walked up and down the room.

Question 3: What problems did the family face while taking Quasimodo out for walks?

Answer: The family faced several problems when taking him out for a walk. Either Quasimodo had to be carried on someone’s shoulder which meant an accident could happen anytime on the carrier’s clothes. The other way was to let Quasimodo walk behind someone who had to slowdown to suit his pace. If either of this was not done Quasimodo would come running behind cooing frantically and indignantly.

Question 4: Where would Quasimodo like to sleep? Why was he forced leave that spot?

Answer: Quasimodo loved to sleep inside the house not on the pigeon loft. His favourite spot was the edge of Margo’s bed. Later, he was sent to sleep on the living room sofa because if Margo moved in her sleep Quasimodo would fly and perch on her face and coo lovingly.

Question 5: Why did the author feel that Quasimodo had duped everyone?

Answer: The author felt that Quasimodo had duped everyone because no one in the family realized that she was a female pigeon till she laid an egg.

Question 6: How did Quasimodo behave after she started laying eggs?

Answer: After she started laying eggs, she became irritable and started to peck the author’s family if they tried to pick her up. She became wilder and wilder, treating the author and his family as though they were his worst enemies, slinking up to the kitchen door for food as if she feared for her life.

So, these were Quasimodo Questions & Answers.

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