Raggylug’s First Adventure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Raggylug’s First Adventure Questions & Answers.

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Raggylug’s First Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Raggylug’s mother ask him to do?

Answer: Raggylug’s mother asked him to stay at home and to be quiet until she returned.

Question 2: What did Raggylug notice while hiding in his nest?

Answer: While hiding in his nest, Raggylug noticed that a blue jay and a red squirrel were fighting with each other. He also noticed a yellow warbler catching a blue butterfly and a red and black ladybug.

Question 3: What was different about the new sound Raggylug heard?

Answer: The new sound that Raggylug heard was low and continuous. It was strange and different because there was no patter of feet with it. Rag had never heard anything like it before.

Question 4: What mistake did Raggylug make? What happened because of that?

Answer: Even though his mother warned him, he made the mistake of coming out of his nest because of which he found himself in trouble. He was in front of an enormous black snake and the snake caught him in its coils.

Question 5: How did mother’s love save Raggylug?

Answer: The Mother’s love became too strong when she noticed that Rag was in trouble. It filled Molly with the courage of a hero. So, she overcame her fears and hopped over the snake and attacked until the snake lost its tight hold on Rag and Rag wriggled out of its coils and darted away into the bushes.

So, these Raggylug’s First Adventure Questions & Answers.

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