Shelter Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Shelter Questions & Answers.

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Shelter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do we need a house?

Answer: A house protect us from heat, rain, cold, wind, thieves and wild animals.

Question 2: State two things a good house should have.


  • It should have enough windows for air and sunlight.
  • The area around it should be clean.

Question 3: What materials are used to build a permanent house?

Answer: Materials used to build a permanent house are sand, cement, brick, steel, wood and stone.

Question 4: What materials are used to build temporary or kuccha house?

Answer: Materials used to build temporary or kuccha house are mud, straw, bamboo and palm leaves.

Question 5: Why are houses built on stilts?

Answer: Stilt houses are built as a protection against flooding.

Question 6: Define:

(a) Flats or apartments

Answer: Houses in multi storeyed buildings are known as flats or apartments.

(b) Skyscrapers

Answer: Very tall buildings which look like they are touching the sky are called as skyscrapers.

Question 7: What is the use of sloping roof?

Answer: Sloping roof helps the rain water or snow to slide down easily.

Question 8: Who am I?
(Help box: Igloo, Cave, Caravan, Burj Khalifa, Architect)

(a) I am kuccha house early man used to live in.

Answer: Cave

(b) I am the house on wheel.

Answer: Caravan

(c) I design tall buildings and houses.

Answer: Architect

(d) I am the tallest building in the world.

Answer: Burj Khalifa

(e) I am built out of blocks of ice you can find me in cold regions.

Answer: Igloo

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Early man lived in caves or under trees.
(b) A temporary or kuccha house is made of mud, straw, bamboo and palm leaves.
(c) In plain areas people build flat roof.
(d) Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world.
(e) Tents are temporary houses made of canvas, felt, nylon or polyester.
(f) Stilt houses are built on wooden poles.
(g) Very tall buildings are called skyscrapers.
(h) A painter paints houses and buildings.
(i) Caravans are houses on wheels.
(j) An architect makes the plans and designs the house.
(k) Tent is made of cloth.
(l) Houseboat is seen in Kerala and Srinagar.
(j) The shape of the roof depends on the climate of that place.

Question 10: Write ‘P’ for a pucca house and ‘K’ for a kuccha house.


i. Bungalow – P
ii. Building – P
iii. Tent – K
iv. Igloo – K

Question 11: Write one tool used by the following people.


i. Plumber – spanner
ii. Mason – trowel
iii. Electrician – pliers
iv. Carpenter – saw

So, these were Shelter Questions & Answers.

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