Silver Anklets Questions & Answers

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Silver Anklets Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did the toy seller take out from the basket?

i. a doll
ii. an elephant
iii. a car
iv. a ball

(b) What was inside the cloth that the girl gave to Chanda’s mother?

i. money
ii. jewellery
iii. an anklet
iv. the doll

(c) What name did Chanda’s mother choose for the doll?

i. Chandra
ii. Chanda
iii. Chand
iv. Chandini

Question 2: What was Chanda’s sister’s name?

Answer: The name of Chanda’s sister was Munni.

Question 3: Why could the toy seller not buy anklets for his daughter?

Answer: The toy seller could not buy anklets for his daughter because he was poor.

Question 4: Why did Chanda ask the toy seller to wait?

Answer: Chanda asked the toy seller to wait so that she could bring money for the doll.

Question 5: What did Chanda see as she sat beside the window?

Answer: Chanda saw a man and a girl walking towards her house.

Question 6: Why did Chanda’s mother scold the girls?

Answer: Chanda’s mother wanted her girls to be careful with strangers.

Question 7: Why do you think, the toy seller had covered his face when he came with his daughter?

Answer: The toy seller had covered his face because he was afraid that people would recognise him. He was also ashamed that he had stolen a little girl’s anklet.

Question 8: Who do you think, was honest – the toy seller or his daughter? Give reason?

Answer: The toy seller’s daughter was honest because she refused to accept the stolen anklet and came with him to return it to Munni.

Question 9: Read this sentence and answer the questions:

“I want to talk to your mother”.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Chandini said these words to Chanda.

(b) Why did ‘I’ want to talk to the mother?

Answer: Chandini wanted to return the silver anklet her father had stolen.

(c) Was ‘I’ able to talk to the mother?

Answer: Yes, ‘I’, Chandini was able to talk to the mother.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The toy seller asks for forgiveness, returns the anklet and gives Munni a doll as a gift.

Question 10: Which words describe Chandini best? Give reason?

Answer: Honest – She returned the anklet which her father had stolen.

Question 11: What would you have done with the anklet if you were in Chandini’s place? Would you have acted honestly? Why/Why not?

Answer: Like Chandini, I would have also motivated my father to return the anklet.

Question 12: Why did Chanda’s mother name the doll Chandini?

Answer: The toy seller gifted a doll to Chanda and asked her to give it a beautiful name like her own. Chanda’s mother was so happy with Chandini’s honesty that she decided to name the doll after her name.

So, these were Silver Anklets Questions & Answers.

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