The Nightingale Questions & Answers

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The Nightingale Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) In which country is the story set?

i. China
ii. India
iii. America
iv. Japan

(b) How was the live Nightingale different from the golden Nightingale?
(You can select more than option)

i. The live Nightingale became tired after some time.
ii. The live Nightingale was grey, the other Nightingale was golden.
iii. The golden Nightingale sang the same tune thirty times over.
iv. The live Nightingale had to be wound up.

(c) Why do you think, the live Nightingale flew away?

i. It knew that its songs sounded best in the open.
ii. It had seen how the Emperor stopped noticing it, when the golden bird arrived.
iii. It liked to live in the forest.
iv. It wanted to take revenge.

Question 2: Name one bird whose singing is famous.

Answer: Cuckoo

Question 3: Why did no one know where the Nightingale lived?

Answer: No one knew where the Nightingale lived because people did not see the bird but heard it sing.

Question 4: What was the inside the parcel that the Emperor received?

Answer: There was a golden Nightingale inside the parcel.

Question 5: Describe the Nightingale?

Answer: The Nightingale was dull but sang so melodiously that the Emperor wept.

Question 6: Why did the Emperor command that the nightingale be brought to his court?

Answer: The Emperor commanded that the nightingale should be brought to his court because he wanted to listen to the song of the Nightingale.

Question 7: What did the live Nightingale make the Emperor promise?

Answer: The live Nightingale promised the Emperor to come and sit on the tree by the window every evening and sing for him.

Question 8: How did the Emperor start feeling better?

Answer: The Emperor started feeling better because the live Nightingale sang for him every day.

Question 9: Why did the golden Nightingale stop singing?

Answer: The golden Nightingale was worn out inside and there was no music left in it.

Question 10: Read this sentence and answer the questions:

 “It can’t be possible”.

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: These words were said by the people of Emperor’s Court.

(b) Was/were the speaker/speakers happy or disappointed while saying these words?

Answer: They were disappointed.

(c) What was it that was being talked about?

Answer: The Nightingale was being talked about.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The Nightingale went to the palace and sang for the Emperor.

Question 11: Why was the girl so sure that it was the same Nightingale the people were looking for?

Answer: The girl so sure that it was the same Nightingale the people were looking for because she had heard it singing.

Question 12: Where did the Nightingale fly away from the open window?

Answer: From the open window, the Nightingale flew back to the forest.

Question 13: Do you think keeping animals and birds in cages is good act?

Answer: No, it is not a good thing to cage animals because they love to live in their own natural habitat.

So, these were The Nightingale Questions & Answers.

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