The Secret Seven – 1 Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Secret Seven – 1 Questions & Answers.

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The Secret Seven – 1 Questions & Answers

Question 1: Name the members of ‘The Secret Seven’ group?

Answer: The members of ‘The Secret Seven’ are Peter, Janet, Jack, George, Barbara, Colin and Pam.

Question 2: Who was the head of the secret seven?

Answer: Peter was the head of the secret seven.

Question 3: Who had sent the note? What did the note say?

Answer: Jack had sent the note. The note asked if peter would call a meeting of the secret seven to help out Bob Smith. Bob Smith was from their school and needed their help badly.

Question 4:

(a) Why was the password ‘Scamper’ said five times?

Answer: The password ‘Scamper’ was said five times because five members of the secret seven group had arrived at the meeting place.

(b) Why were the voices in a low tone?

Answer: Voices were in low tone so that no one else except the members could hear.

(c) What was Scamper’s reaction while the password was being said?

Answer: Scamper was delighted, he began to bark loudly and leap at the secret of seven members.

Question 5: Read the sentence and answer the questions.

“Just because I lost it once, you think I’m going to lose it always”.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Jack said these words to Peter.

(b) What was ‘lost’?

Answer: Jack was supposed to have lost the badge.

(c) Did the speaker really lose ‘it’?

Answer: Jack had not really lost it. His sister Susie had taken it.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Peter and Janet were already at the shed. The other five members of the secret seven group entered the shed one by one after uttering the password ‘Scamper’, so the password was repeated five times.

Question 6: Why was Bob asked to come five minutes after the secret seven arrived?

Answer: Bob was asked to come after five minutes so that he would not overhear the password of the secret seven.

Question 7: Why did Jack write a note to Peter?

Answer: Jack wrote a note to Peter to ask him to call a meeting of the secret seven Bob Smith, a boy from their grade at school had asked for their help and was pretty upset. Besides, it had been a longtime since the secret seven had met.

Question 8: Why did the notes delivered by Peter cause excitement?

Answer: Peter’s note caused excitement because it had been quite a while since the secret seven met. Also, they all were excited to listen to Bob smith’s problem and solve it.

Question 9: You have to present a card to your teacher on Teacher’s Day. Would you like to work individually or as a team? Give reasons.

Answer: I would like to work as a team so that I can get ideas how to make the greeting card in a more creative and attractive way.

So, these were The Secret Seven – 1 Questions & Answers.

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