The Secret Seven – 2 Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Secret Seven – 2 Questions & Answers.

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The Secret Seven – 2 Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was the old man Tolly? What information did peter have about him?

Answer: Old Man Tolly was an old fellow of their village. Peter had the information that he was living in a tumbledown house at the top of the hill.

Question 2: What reason did Jack give for wanting the meeting to be called that afternoon?

Answer: Jack wanted to call a meeting that afternoon on account of something Bob had told him. Bob had been pretty worried and had told Jack something about old man Tolly that had prompted Jack to call the meeting quickly.

Question 3: Read the sentence and answer the questions.

“We’ve all got money-boxes, and if we hadn’t enough, we could jolly well earn some more”.

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: George said these words to all.

(b) Why did the speaker talk about earning money?

Answer: George talked about earning money to buy the horse from the farmer.

(c) How did the listener/listeners react?

Answer: They all agreed to George and ready to their bit.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The meeting ended with a feast. They had new buns and fizzy ginger drink brought by peter Jack and Pam brought boiled sweets and some chocolates and biscuits.

Question 4: What information did Bob add about him?

Answer: Bob added that Old Man Tolly lived all alone except for an old horse and his dog. Tolly’s cottage had two rooms he lived in one and in the other lived his horse. The horse had been lamed and so, the farmer blamed Tolly for the accident. The farmer refused to pay the vets fees and told Tolly to pay them.

Question 5: What plan of action did Peter have for Tolly and his horse?

Answer: Peter decided that the Secret Seven would again meet the next day to sort out their ideas. They could ask the vet to take some of the fees off and then they could help to pay the bills with their savings or earnings. Peter would ask his father if he had a place in his stable for the old horse.

Question 6: Why could Tolly not pay the vet’s bills?

Answer: Apart from Tolly’s pension, his wages were very low. He was old so, he could only potter about and earned very less.

Question 7: “You’ve got a very kind heart!” why does Pam say this?

Answer: These words were said because Pam felt the pain and misery of Old Man Tolly and his horse and asked the Secret Seven to help them.

Question 8: Why did Pam say that the first thing to do was to find somewhere to keep the old horse safely?

Answer: Pam said that the first thing to do was find a place to keep the horse safely because he should not be left anywhere near the horrid farmer, as the farmer had already said that the horse was only fit to be shot.

Question 9: Your friend has not brought his/her lunch. Will you share your lunch with him/her? Why?

Answer: Yes, I would like to share my lunch with my friends because sharing is caring. How can one eat food if the other person sitting next to you is hungry? Moreover, it strengthens the relationship between the friends and also builds trust amongst friends.

So, these were The Secret Seven – 2 Questions & Answers.

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