Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Questions & Answers

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Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False

(a) The captain was caught out by the wicketkeeper True
(b) Ranji lost his wicket on the first ball because he made a wrong a decision True
(c) After being hit on the pads, Ranji went to the pavilion to fetch a new bat False
(d) The coach and the captain encouraged Ranji even though he hadn’t made any runs False
(e) Mr Kumar was a kind, affectionate and encouraging person True

Question 2: Read these sentences and answer the questions.

“Hello, Ranji! Off in a hurry today? And why are you looking so sad?”

(a) Who called out to Ranji?

Answer: Mr Kumar called out to Ranji.

(b) Why did he call out to Ranji?

Answer: Normally, on his way back home, Ranji often stopped at Mr Kumar’s Sports Shop to have a chat with Mr Kumar and also, he enjoyed looking at all the sports goods kept on the shelves. That day Ranji was sad and did not feel like stopping and looked the other way, so Mr Kumar called out Ranji to check the reason for being sad.

(c) Why was Ranji in a hurry?

Answer: Ranji’s school team lost the match and he was disappointed by his own performance as he could not make a single run and was feeling sad. Due to this he was avoiding to stop at Mr Kumar’s shop and was walking in a hurry to cross the shop.

Question 3: Read these sentences and answer the questions.

“Something will have to be done about it.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Mr Kumar, the owner of a sports shop said these words to Ranji.

(b) What does ‘it’ to? Why would something have to be done about ‘it’?

Answer: ‘It’ here refers to Ranji’s performance in the cricket match. Ranji had not been able to show good performance in past three matches. As quoted by Mr Kumar, something had to be done about ‘it’ to improve Ranji’s performance in forthcoming match, or he would be dropped from school’s cricket team as warned by his coach.

(c) How did the speaker propose to do ‘it’?

Answer: Mr Kumar, proposed to change Ranji’s luck by offering him an old lucky bat.

Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read these sentences and answer the questions.

“It hasn’t lost any of its magic.”

(a) What hadn’t lost its magic?

Answer: The lucky bat offered by Mr Kumar with which he made a century once, had not lost its magic.

(b) What was its magic?

Answer: It was supposed to be a lucky bat and whosoever played with it, it brought laurels for that player.

(c) Did the magic work for the receiver?

Answer: Yes, Ranji believed in the magic of the bat. It did worked in bringing back his confidence and he performed well in forthcoming matches.

Question 5: What was Ranji thinking when he walked into the field the first time?

Answer: Ranji was fully determined to score good runs to make his team win the match.

Question 6: Where did Mr Kumar take Ranji?

Answer: Mr Kumar took Ranji to the back of his shop which had a room stacked up with all kinds of old and second-hand sporting goods.

Question 7: What was special about the bat that Mr Kumar gave Ranji?

Answer: The bat that Mr Kumar gave to Ranji was one his luckiest of all the bats he played. During his times when he was a state player, he had scored a century with this bat. He gave the bat to Ranji with a thought that same magic might work for Ranji during his matches.

Question 8: Why couldn’t Ranji practice before the second match?

Answer: Ranji could not practice before the second match as there was a lot of class work that week to be completed and he was not left with ample time for practice.

Question 9: What gave the team from another town an edge in the match?

Answer: The spinners from the team of another town who were quite good in taking wickets, had an edge in the match.

Question 10: Why did Mr Kumar help Ranji even though Ranji had lost the bat?

Answer: Mr Kumar knew Ranji was a good cricketer, he also knew that Ranji had lost his confidence due continuous poor performance in his last matches. He wanted to boost his confidence and gave him his old bat saying that it’s a magic bat. This actually made Ranji feel that his bat is doing magic and he is scoring good runs. However, when Ranji lost the bat, then Mr Kumar explained that it is not the bat that has the magic but the batsman who has the confidence in him shows the magic and scores big runs. This entire episode explained that Mr Kumar motivated Ranji, so that he could perform with full confidence and he was indeed successful in that.

So, these were Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Questions & Answers.