The Telephone Call Questions & Answers

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The Telephone Call Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the name of the caller’s company?

Answer: The name of the caller’s company is ‘Universal Lotteries’.

Question 2: What news does the caller give?

Answer: The caller gave the news that the speaker has won the top prize in the Ultra-super Global Special.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

I said, ‘I just …. I can’t believe it.’

(a) Who says these words to whom?

Answer: The speaker says these words to caller.

(b) What can’t the speaker believe?

Answer: The speaker couldn’t believe when the caller said he has won the lottery.

(c) What is the speaker told in response to his belief?

Answer: In response to this statement, the speaker urged to share his feelings with the caller.

Question 4: What part of the speaker’s reaction to the news was considered ‘unusual’?

Answer: The speaker feeling that his head had floated out of the window like a flying saucer was considered unusual.

Question 5: Pick out the lines that reveal slight doubts in the speaker’s mind about the caller.

Answer: The lines, ‘I haven’t bought lottery ticket for years’ and ‘I’ll believe it when I see the cheque’ show the speaker’s doubt about the caller.

Question 6: Explain the process that the caller says the company uses to select a winner.

Answer: The Company uses a retrospective chances module to select a winner. In other words, they collect the names of the people who bought a lottery ticket once at least and later, they feed the names into computer and select the lucky person.

Question 7: What according to the caller does the company deal in and what does it not deal in?

Answer: The Company deals in experience and it does not deal in money.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘That’s your prize’.

(a) Who says these words to whom?

Answer: The caller said these words to the speaker.

(b) Name the prize supposedly won by the speaker.

Answer: The prize supposedly won by the speaker is million pounds.

(c) What prize did the caller actually receive?

Answer: The prize that the caller actually won is the experience, the joy of receiving an unexpectedly a wonderful news.

So, these were The Telephone Call Questions & Answers.

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