Simon Says Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Simon Says Questions & Answers.

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Simon Says Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Porch – covered entrance
  • Hoarsely – sounding rough and harsh
  • Moped – moved around unhappily
  • Dehydrated – lacked water in body
  • Mesh – (here) screen made of wires
  • Grumble – complain

Question 1: Who was Simon?

Answer: Simon was a guide dog, a trained German Shepherd who had been taken into the family when Grandpa started to lose his eyesight. With Simon’s help, Grandpa could continue to live on his own. he could go for walks and even do some shopping.

Question 2: Why did Simon lead Grandpa in the path of the car?

Answer: Simon led Grandpa in the path of the car by mistake. Unknown to the family, Simon himself was going deaf and therefore, he did not hear the car that was coming.

Question 3: Did Grandpa like being in the hospital?

Answer: Grandpa hated being in the hospital. He told his grandson to take him out of there quickly. He was desperate to know how Simon was doing and Grandpa wanted to meet him.

Question 4: When Grandpa came home from the hospital, what did Simon do?

Answer: When Grandpa came home from the hospital, Simon rose shakily to his feet and began to bark. He seemed to be almost trying to dance around Grandpa and getting under everyone’s feet in excitement.

Question 5: Why did Grandpa start walking again?

Answer: Grandpa started walking again as he realized that he needed to be strong for the sake of Simon, who had also become very ill. Even Simon needed to get back to the old routine so that a full and speedy recovery could be made. So, Grandpa made the effort to let Simon take him out for his morning walk again.

Simon Says Questions & Answers

Question 6: What qualities do you think are needed to make a good guide dog?

Answer: Loyalty, love for master, discipline, intelligence, obedience are essential to make a good guide dog.

Question 7: Do you think Simon was a good guide dog? Why/Why not?

Answer: Simon had all the qualities of good guide dog. He was a trained German Shepherd and so good at guiding Grandpa. He loved his master and knew that somehow, he was the cause of his master’s accident. When Grandpa was in hospital, Simon hardly ate and drank but just moped around the house.

Question 8: Write True or False:

(a) Grandpa was Rita’s favourite person – True
(b) Rita’s family did not usually celebrate Christmas – False
(c) Rita’s mother left Simon at Grandpa’s hospital – False
(d) When Rita got home and Simon didn’t move, she realized that the dog was deaf – True
(e) The attendant was worried that Simon would bite Grandpa – False

Question 9: Circle the correct meaning of the highlighted word.

(a) Ma had brought Simon back to our place but he just moped around the house.

i. walked
ii. sulked
iii. sniffed

(b) Then Grandpa told me how much he longed to be home, how he hated being in the hospital.

i. really wanted
ii. thought about
iii. imagined

(c) ‘He must feel like I’ve deserted him’.

i. blamed
ii. left
iii. sold

(d) It took Ma two weeks to convince the doctors to let Grandpa come home with us.

i. make someone do something
ii. offer help
iii. make a suggestion

(e) Moth made a slow, steady recovery.

i. find something new
ii. return to a normal state
iii. carry heavy things

So, these were Simon Says Questions & Answers.

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