The Blind Boxer Questions & Answers

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The Blind Boxer Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) ‘Liston who had seemed indestructible, had suddenly, started looking very human indeed.’ It so happened because

i. Liston had acute pain in the chest.
ii. Clay managed to dodge Liston’s bomb-like punches with agility and landed his punches successfully on him.
iii. Clay could not see and his blindness became a cause of concern.

(b) “Fight, Cassius, fight!” he urged the blinded Clay because

i. it was the fifth and the last round of the world title that was te most important.
ii. he wanted Liston to be the winner.
iii. he knew that Cassius was feigning loss of sight.

(c) The crowd waited for the next Liston attack but it did not come because

i. Clay asked Dundee to remove his gloves.
ii. Liston gave in and gave up once he realized that he was blind.
iii. suddenly Clay smashed a jab into the stunned champion’s face and his vision had cleared.

Question 2: Write True or False.

(a) Sonny Liston was seasoned fighter and his main claim to fame was a victory in the 1960 Olympic Games – False
(b) Cassius Clay had predicted the defeat of Liston through a verse – True
(c) Ringside observers watched in shock as the fight was one sided as they had predicted but Liston was on the receiving end – True
(d) Cassius Clay was blinded and he gave up – False
(e) The fifth round was a massacre as Liston landed punches on Clay and tossed him out of the ring – False

Question 3: What was so special about February 25, 1964?

Answer: On February 25, 1964, Cassius Marcellus Clay defeated Sonny Liston to win the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.

Question 4: Why was Cassius Clay described as a relative newcomer?

Answer: Sonny Liston was considered as the most seasoned fighters of all the time whereas on the other hand Cassius Clay’s main claim to fame was his victory in 1960 Olympic Games, hence he was being described as a newcomer in comparison to Sonny Liston.

Question 5: Why did the ringside observers cross themselves?  What did they predict? Did their predictions come true?

Answer: The ringside observers crossed themselves praying for the life of the young contender i.e., Cassius Clay. They predicted that fight would be one sided. Yes, their prediction was right as the fight indeed was one-sided, one boxer was being battered. However, it was not Cassius Clay the young contender but Sonny Liston who was getting beaten.

The Blind Boxer Questions & Answers

Question 6: Liston looked very human indeed. What does this line mean?

Answer: Sonny Liston who was considered to be indestructible, who could not be beaten, was being battered continuously for 4 rounds by the punches thrown by Cassius Clay. This scenario made Liston looked like a human and not indestructible.

Question 7: What had got into Clay’s eyes? How did it affect Clay?

Answer: The ointment that Liston’s cornermen had been putting on him might have gone into Clay’s eyes. Due to this Clay was in discomfort and was not able to open his eyes properly. He got panicked and did not wanted to fight.

Question 8: Did the fifth round see the tide turn? If yes, how?

Answer: Yes, the fifth round saw the tide turn as Cassius Clay was not able to open his eyes and see properly. Taking the advantage Liston charged at Clay throwing punch after punch to overpower him.

Question 9: Describe the fight between Liston and Clay in the fifth and final round.

Answer: As soon as the fourth round was over, Cassius Clay started screaming that something has gone into his eyes and he is not able see anything. His cornermen scrubbed his eyes to clear them, however, it did not work and Clay did not want to fight anymore. His trainer Angelo Dundee, encouraged and urged him to fight. The fifth round started, and taking the advantage of Clay’s temporary blindness, Liston started throwing punches at Clay. However, he fought back listening to his cornermen and following their instructions. At last, he draped his arm around Liston, grabbed him and gave continuous jabs on his face leading to his victory over Liston.

The Blind Boxer Questions & Answers

Question 10: What was Angelo Dundee’s role in the fifth round? Do you see him as an inspiration behind Cassius Clay’s victory?

Answer: Angelo Dundee played an important role in the fifth round. When Clay was in discomfort and was not able to open his eyes properly. He got panicked and did not wanted to fight. At that time, it was Dundee who encouraged and motivated him to get into the ring and fight back for the world title. Yes, we do see him as an inspiration behind Cassius Clay’s victory.

Question 11: Describe how Liston charged at his blind opponent and trace humour in, ‘Only, the punches did not land.’

Answer: During the start of the fifth round when Liston realized that his opponent Clay is not able to open his eyes and cannot see properly, he took advantage of the situation and started throwing punches one after the another. However, the humorous part is that the punches did not hit Clay. He was alert while listening and following the instructions of his cornermen, which helped him to keep out of the way of Liston’s lethal punches.

Question 12: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
‘….. Clay had taunted Liston endlessly ever since their fight had been announced.’

(a)  Who are Clay and Liston? Which sport are they associated with?

Answer: Clay and Liston are well known boxers. They are associated with boxing.

(b) How did Clay taunt Liston? Quote from the story.

Answer: Clay had taunted Liston endlessly predicting that he would easily defeat him. Quote from the story:

Liston keeps backing, but
There’s not enough room.
It’s a matter of time till
Clay lowers the boom.

(c) When were Clay and Liston to fight?

Answer: Clay and Liston were to fight on February 25, 1964.

(d) By which other name Clay is known as?

Answer: He later changed his name to Muhammad Ali and was also known as ‘The Greatest’.

So, these were The Blind Boxer Questions & Answers.

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