Peter Has a Great Laugh Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Peter Has a Great Laugh Questions & Answers.

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Peter Has a Great Laugh Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dare to – have the courage to do something
  • Ducking – lowering the head or body suddenly
  • Gravely – seriously
  • Bramble bush – a blackberry bush with thin thorn
  • Sober – serious
  • Snarl – here, growl
  • Obliged – felt thankful
  • Darted away – moved away quickly
  • Get his breath – begin to breathe normally again

Question 1: Arrange the events in correct order:


…4…Peter Rabbit laughed at the monster story.
…6…Reddy Fox was very angry.
…3…Reddy Fox was chased by a monster.
…1…Reddy Fox met Peter Rabbit.
…2…Reddy Fox went to Farmer Brown’s garden.
…5…Peter Rabbit said he was the monster.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Reddy Fox and Peter Rabbit planned to meet at_______

i. Old Briar-Patch
ii. Farmer Brown’s garden
iii. The cabbage patch

(b) Reddy Fox was chased by _______

i. Mr Sun
ii. Farmer Brown
iii. Peter Rabbit

(c) Peter Rabbit hid under Farmer Brown’s_______

i. clothes
ii. hat
iii. table

(d) Peter Rabbit ate the cabbages_______

i. in the morning
ii. in the evening
iii. at night

Question 3: What did Peter Rabbit find so funny?

Answer: Peter Rabbit found it funny that Reddy Fox got frightened so easily and mistook him for a monster. Seeing the fox at Farmer Brown’s garden, he his under the farmer’s straw hat and saw that the fox got scared when he moved under the hat. So, he decided to have fun and pretending to be a monster, he chased the fox all the way to its home.

Peter Has a Great Laugh Questions & Answers

Question 4: What do you think of Peter Rabbit? Was he clever or evil?

Answer: Peter Rabbit was just naughty and enjoyed making fool out of Reddy Fox. He liked to play pranks on him and have a good laugh. He was clever because even though he and Reddy Fox had decided to raid Farmer Brown’s cabbage together, he went there the night before to get his fill of the tender cabbages as he knew that Reddy Fox would have the same idea. When he saw that Reddy Fox got so easily scared thinking he was a monster, he decided to scare him even more.

Question 5: Choose the correct meaning of the highlighted words:

(a) Reddy Fox started down the Lone Little Path.

i. stared at
ii. starting walking down
iii. started laughing

(b) I’ve had my fill of tender young cabbages.

i. I have filled up a sack with cabbages.
ii. I am happy with the cabbages.
iii. I have had a lot of cabbages to eat.

(c) Peter ducked behind a bramble bush.

i. hid behind
ii. jumped behind
iii. danced behind

(d) Reddy Fox thought there was something fishy.

i. There was something mysterious about the incident.
ii. Reddy Fox had eaten fish.
iii. The place smelled of fish.

So, these were Peter Has a Great Laugh Questions & Answers.

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