Snakes On The Loose Questions & Answers

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Snakes On The Loose Questions & Answers

Question 1: How can you find out what happened on the day you were born?

Answer: One can find out about what happened on the day he/she was born by looking back through old newspapers or searching on the Internet.

Question 2: Which singer was born and which singer died on 16th September?

Answer: M.S Subbulakshmi, the great Indian singer was born on 16 September, 1916 and Opera singer Maria Callas died, aged 53 on that day in 1977.

Question 3: What is Wall Street and what happened there in 1920?

Answer: Wall Street is a street in New York where the stock exchange and major banks are located. On 16 September 1920, a bomb exploded there, killing 38 people.

Question 4: Which tragic events occurred on 16 September during the years listed?

Answer: The following tragic events occurred on 16 September in the years listed:

1920: A bomb on Wall Street kills 38 people.
1951: A stunt plane crashes in the USA, killing 19 people.
1978: An earthquake kills 26,000 people in Iran.
1986: A major fire in a gold mine in South Africa kills 175 miners.
2004: After causing havoc in Jamaica, Granada, and Cuba, hurricane Ivan lashes the Gulf Coast of the USA killing 45.
2007: A plane crash in Thailand causes 90 deaths.

Question 5: Where precisely is the village of Shijiao?

Answer: Shijiao Township is in the Chongqing municipality in southwestern China.

Question 6: Were the snakes captured or killed?

Answer: According to the Report 1, the snakes were transferred to a legal breeding lab in Guangxi in southern China. However, Report 2 says that of the 160 escaped snakes, most were captured or killed and only five or six remained on the loose.

Question 7: Where were the snakes being kept, why and by whom?

Answer: The snakes were being kept in an abandoned schoolhouse. They were being kept there in order to breed them so that they could be sold. A man named Cai Yong was involved in the breeding as it was a lucrative source of income for him.

Question 8: What is a tourniquet? How might it prove to be helpful in the case of a snakebite

Answer: A tourniquet is a tight bandage to temporarily stop the flow of blood. It might prove useful in the case of a snakebite because it stops the venom spreading until anti-venom can be administered.

Snakes On The Loose Questions & Answers

Question 9: Who is Mr Yan and how does he come into the report?

Answer: Mr Yan is mentioned in Repost 3 as a country official who gave a statement to say that no one had been injured and the majority of the snakes had been rounded up.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

It came up with the answer: 12 April 1954.

i. What came up with the answer and where?

Answer: A computer programmed by a scientist in Cambridge came up with it.

ii. What was the question it was trying to answer?

Answer: The question it was trying to answer was ‘Which day since 1900 was the most boring day?’

iii. In what way was the answer ironic?

Answer: The answer was ironic because now that day has become significant as a result of people knowing that nothing happened on that day.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Some of them suggest that government officials had to convene them…

i. Who made the suggestion?

Answer: The villagers made the suggestion.

ii. Why was the suggestion made?

Answer: The suggestion was made to allay the fears of the villagers.

iii. What might they have been told at the meeting?

Answer: They were told how to avoid being bitten and how to treat a wound if bitten.

Question 12: Why was the breeder given a break? What does this mean?

Answer: Given a break means given accommodating treatment. The breeder was ‘given a break’ because the snakes didn’t do much harm or cost the government much money, and they cost a lot to raise, so the government did not punish him.

Question 13: Where were the snakes found?

Answer: The cobras were found in outdoor toilets, in people’s kitchens, and on the streets.

Question 14: Which report gives us some information about what to do if bitten by a snake?

Answer: Report 3 gives us some information about what to do if bitten by a snake. It tells the people to stay calm, apply tourniquet and get a shot of anti-venom as soon as possible.

Question 15: What do you think is meant by, ‘However, frightened villagers might not be as forgiving as the government?’

Answer: The breeder escaped punishment because no one was harmed and the incident did not cost the government much money, but because the villagers were frightened, they might have felt that the breeder deserved some punishment.

Question 16: In what ways are the headings of the four reports different? What are the headings trying to tell the reader?

Answer: Report 4 is the most sensational: it uses the word ‘terror’ which exaggerates the events. Reports 1 and 2 are similar – they both use the word ‘deadly’ to describe the cobras. All the headlines report the escape and potential danger in order to grab our attention, even though the incident was resolved quickly. Report 3 includes the words ‘illegal lab’ which provides more information (sensational/exaggerated information).

Question 17: Which report gives us a good idea about why Cai Yong decided to breed cobras? What reasons can you give?

Answer: Report 4 gives us a good idea about why Cai Yong decided to breed cobras: there is a rising demand for cobra meat and traditional medicines made from the venom, so breeding cobras is tempting because the breeder can make lots of money.

So, these were Snakes On The Loose Questions & Answers.

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