A Polar Explorer Questions & Answers

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A Polar Explorer Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Amundsen’s mother want him to be? Did he follow her wishes?

Answer: Amundsen’s mother wanted him to be a doctor. He followed her wishes until she died.

Question 2: What gave Amundsen the inspiration to be an explorer? How did he prepare for this as a child and as an adult?

Answer: Amundsen was inspired by famous British explorers. As a child, he prepared for life as an explorer by playing a lot of sports, sleeping with his windows open, and reading about explorers. As an adult, he worked as a ship’s crew member where he watched, listened, and learned useful skills (on board and from the Inuit people) such as how to prevent scurvy, how to keep warm, and how to use dogs to travel by sledge.

Question 3: What key skills did Amundsen learn about survival? Look at the paragraphs four and six.

Answer: Amundsen learnt some useful survival skills on his expeditions. He learnt how hunting skills provided them with meat and they could avoid scurvy. He also learnt that dogs were useful to travel by sledge in extreme conditions. Amundsen also stocked up on fur clothing as he learnt that they were much warmer than woolens which he carried.

Question 4: What made it difficult to pass through the Northwest Passage? What helped Amundsen achieve it?

Answer: Very cold temperatures, shallow seas and sea-ice made it difficult to pass through the Northwest Passage. Amundsen’s boat, Gjoa, helped him pass through it because it was small enough to pass through these waters and over the shallow areas.

Question 5: When did Amundsen get to the North Pole?

Answer: Amundsen made it to the North Pole in 1926.

Question 6: What did Amundsen’s companion mistake the Eskimo people for? Why?

Answer: Amundsen’s companions mistook the Eskimo people for Caribou because they were so far away and they appeared to be black dots on the horizon.

Question 7: How did Amundsen talk to the Eskimos?

Answer: Amundsen ‘talked’ to the Eskimos by using a mixture of simple expression, body language, and tone of voice: ‘expression of the fact, nods and shakes of the head, gestures and tones of the voice’.

Question 8: How did Amundsen die?

Answer: In June 1928, Amundsen, aged 55 was travelling in a plane on a rescue mission when it disappeared. Amundsen and the rest of his crew were never seen again.

Question 9: Why is it colder at the South Pole?

Answer: It is colder at the South Pole than the North Pole as there is no sunlight from March to September and even when sunrise is visible from September to March, it stays on the horizon.

Question 10: Amundsen said, ‘Victory awaits him who has everything in order.’ Explain what he meant.

Answer: Amundsen said, ‘Victory awaits him who has everything in order’ which meant that one can be successful in their endeavor only when they are effectively prepared for the task on hand.

Question 11: Copy the sentences that are true. Correct the sentences that are wrong and rewrite them.

a. Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C – True

b. Getting to the North Pole was easy – False
Correct Sentence – Getting to the North Pole was difficult.

c. Amundsen was the first person to be able to claim that he had been to both Poles – True

d. It is always dark at the South Pole – False
Correct Sentence – It is dark at the South Pole from March to September at the South Pole.

e. The North Pole is not on land – False
Correct Sentence – The North Pole is on land.

f. No animals live near the North Pole – False
Correct Sentence – Polar bears, seals, and walruses are native to the North Pole.

Question 12: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Some other “two-legged caribous” joined the first, until five figures were outlined against the sky.’

i. What were the two-legged Caribous?

Answer: The two-legged Caribous were Eskimos.

ii. How many people were on Amundsen’s side?

Answer: Amundsen and two other men were on his side.

Question 13: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Their leader, seeing this pacific move, imitated it by turning to his followers and uttering a command.’

i. What is meant by the phrase ‘pacific move’?

Answer: The phrase ‘pacific move’ referred to Amundsen’s men throwing their rifles on the ground when faced with the Eskimos.

ii. How did the Eskimos respond?

Answer: The Eskimos responded by imitating Amundsen’s men and throwing their bows and arrows on the ground as well.

So, these were A Polar Explorer Questions & Answers.

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