Sorry Best Friend Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sorry Best Friend Questions & Answers.

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Sorry Best Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Mummy couldn’t find an _______ to go to in the first place.

(a) hospital
(b) school
(c) office

2. The mother advised Sonu not to climb on anything in the ________ or lean out.

(a) balcony
(b) terrace
(c) window

3. The _________ who lived there were also away all day.

(a) friends
(b) parents
(c) people

4. Sonu wanted to take Rahiman into his ________ and show her his toys and books.

(a) library
(b) room
(c) school  

5. Rahiman turned around to look at _________.

(a) Sonu
(b) father
(c) mother

6. Rahiman gazed at Sonu and her eyes seemed to reflect her _______.

(a) body
(b) soul
(c) eyes

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Mummy always said all sorts of things to him before leaving – True
2. Sonu asked the Bai to bring Rahiman every day with her – True
3. Sonu would look down to see what was happening on the road below – True
4. One day, Mother brought a little girl, Rahiman along with her – False
5. Sonu brought some of his play things to where Rahiman sat – True
6. Sonu walked ahead of Bai and Rahiman without saying a word – False

Question 3: What rules did Sonu have to follow when his mother was away?

Answer: The various rules Sonu had to follow were not to open the door except for Bai. Not to climb on anything in the balcony or lean out. Not to turn on the gas and made sure to have lunch on time.  

Question 4: How would Sonu spend his time alone?

Answer: He felt terribly lonely. He watched TV or read in the balcony. Then he would look down to see what was happening on the road below. And then eat, and sleep! This is how Sonu spent his time alone.

Question 5: Why did Sonu’s mother want him to apologise to Rahiman and make up with her?

Answer: It was because she knew Rahiman was his best friend and also that he had been really rude and unfriendly to her.

Question 6: How did Bai use the money given to Rahiman?

Answer: Bai used the money to buy books and to get uniform stitched for her daughter.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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