Sri Madhavdev Questions & Answers

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Sri Madhavdev Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Sri Shankardev meet Sri Madhabdev for the first time? Who did arrange the meeting?

Answer: Sri Shankardev met Sri Madhabdev in a village of Majuli named Dhuwahata Belguri for the first time.

Ram Das, the brother-in-law of Madhabdev, arranged the meeting.

Question 2: A meeting took place between a saint and a young man named Madhab in a village in Majuli in the year 1515 A.D. Why is this called a historic meeting?

Answer: This meeting is called a historic one because young Madhab realised that animal sacrifice is not necessary to please Gods and Goddesses. He, thereafter, became a devotee of Srimanta Shankardev and his religious faith. Also, he realized that only through devotion could the favour of God be obtained.

Question 3: Where was Madhabdev born. Write the names of his parents?

Answer: Madhabdev was born in a village named Letekupukhuri which is in present day Lakhimpur district.

The name of his father was Govindagiri and his mother’s name was Monorama.

Question 4: In which village did the debate between Shankardev and Madhabdev take place? Where is the village situated?

Answer: The debate between Shankardev and Madhabdev took place in a village named Dhuwahata Belguri. The village is situated in Majuli.

Question 5: Fill in the blanks:

1. Madhabdey became a resident of Ganakkuchi for long eighteen years.
2. In later years, Madhabdev shifted to Sundaridiya.
3. Madhabdev established a Satra at Bheladonga in Koch Behar.
4. Madhabdev composed one hundred and ninety one Borgeets, a kind of devotional songs.
5. Ram Das was Madhabdev’s brother-in-law.

6. Madhabdev translated Adikanda of the Ramayana.
7. The debate between Shankardev and Madhabdev was about the sacrifice of animal.
8. The most brilliant works of Sri Madhabdev are ‘Naam-Ghosa’ and ‘Ratnawali’.
9. Kirtan-Ghosa is the collection of verses composed by Sri Sankardev.
10. Madhabdev died in the year 1596 A.D. at the age of 107.
11. The debate between Sri Shankardev and Sri Madhabdev took place at Dhuwahata Belguri.

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