A Surprise ln a Sanctuary Questions & Answers

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A Surprise ln a Sanctuary Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the main hobby of Kaushik and Maya?

Answer: The main hobby of Kaushik and Maya is to look after the pets.

Question 2: What are the pets with Kaushik and Maya?

Answer: A number of cats, two dogs and a herd of rabbits are the pets with Kaushik and Maya.

Question 3: Where does Kaushik find the baby deer?

Answer: Kaushik found the baby deer in a bush in the forest.

Question 4: What name is proposed for the fawn?

Answer: The name proposed for the fawn is ‘Gudu’.

Question 5: What arrangement is made for keeping the fawn?

Answer: Maya prepared a straw bed for keeping the fawn.

Question 6: Where does the forest officer live? Where are his children reading?

Answer: The forest officer lives in a small cottage in the forest. His children are reading in a school in the nearby town.

Question 7: Fill up the blanks with appropriate words.

1. A common scene in the sanctuary is running _____ (foxes, tigers, deer).

Answer: Deer

2. The fawn is like a bundle of _____ (fur, sticks, leaves).

Answer: Fur

3. The main hobby of Kaushik and Maya is to _____ after the pets (run, look, hunt).

Answer: Look

4. Kaushik and Maya will look after the fawn till it is _____ (grown up, deep, well).

Answer: Well

Question 8: Find the meaning of the words given in the right column.

Column AColumn B
1. Sanctuarya. veterinary doctor
2. Uphillb. dry cut paddy leaves
3. Vetc. safe area for wild animal and birds
4. Strawd. sloping upward
5. Fawne. a young tiger
6. Calff. a young dog
7. Kitteng. a young cow
8. Puph. a young deer
9. Colti. a young pig
10. Pigletj. a young duck
11. Ducklingk. a young horse

Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b, 5-h, 6-g, 7-e, 8-f, 9-k, 10-i, 11-j

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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