That Little Square Box Questions & Answers

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That Little Square Box Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who did the speaker think the two men were? What did he think they were up to?

Answer: The speaker thought that the two men were the agents of some terror group, who intended to sacrifice themselves, their fellow-passengers and the ship, in one great explosion. By overhearing their terrible conversation, the speaker suspected that they were carrying a bomb with them in the suspicious little square box.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

…..a whirl of conflicting ideas was battling in my mind.

(a) What were the different ideas that the speaker could not decide between?

Answer: The speaker was deliberating in his mind about the correct course of action. He wondered if he should accuse them directly before the Captain and the passengers or if he should seek private audience with the Captain. He pondered over the latter for some time before deciding against it. The possibility of being interviewed by a stranger and confronted by the two suspects did not particularly appeal to him.

(b) What did he finally decide? Why?

Answer: He finally decided to wait a little more and follow the two men very closely and gather more intelligence before making the matter public. In this way, he could reach to authentic conclusion.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

How slowly the moments seem to pass! I could count them by the throbbing of my heart.

(a) Where was the speaker?

Answer: The speaker was hiding in one of the lifeboats hung over the deck in an attempt to monitor on the conversation of the two suspicious men.

(b) How was the speaker feeling at that moment? Why?

Answer: The speaker lay tightly wound in a knot of anxiety and deadly fear as he listened to the mysterious words of the two men. It convinced him that they were minutes away from blowing up the ship.

That Little Square Box Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Death stared me in the face, whether I did or did not give the alarm.

(a) Why did the speaker think he was about to die?

Answer: The speaker thought that he was about to die because he was sure that the two men were going to damage the ship and the passengers at the risk of their own life using explosives in the box. he thought himself helpless.

(b) Why did he think there was no chance of living?

Answer: He thought so because he knew that he was alone there on the deck and he had no time to stop them. the two men were talking that they had to act on their plan just that moment.

Question 5: What do you think the two men thought of the speaker when he jumped out in front of them? Which lines from the text support your answer?

Answer: When the speaker jumped out in front of them, the two men thought him mad. Flannigan told his companion to work according to their plan. The following lines support this:
“He’s mad!” said Flannigan. “Time’s up. Let it off, Mullar.”

Question 6: Which paragraph tells us:

(a) What the two men were doing on-board the ship?

Answer: Paragraph 49 tells us about what the two men were doing on-board the ship.

(b) Why the two men were hiding the box?

Answer: Paragraph 50 speaks of the need to hide the box because many captains had prejudice against organizing such events aboard their ship.

(c) How the box worked?

Answer: Paragraph 51 gives us the exact working mechanism of the box which was especially manufactured to keep the pigeons from prying eyes while also enabling the men to feed the birds.

So, these were That Little Square Box Questions & Answers.

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