The Art of Weaving Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Art of Weaving Questions & Answers.

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The Art of Weaving Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fabric – cloth
  • Occupation – a job
  • Migration – movement from one region to another
  • Hank – coil or yarn bundle
  • Warp – vertical thread
  • Weft – horizontal thread
  • Pirn – a rod onto which weft thread is wound for use in weaving
  • Radiance – glowing brightly
  • Extension – stretching out
  • Knotting – tying
  • Enthusiasm – keen interest
  • Evidently – in a way that is seen

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Power looms are more expensive than handlooms – True
(b) Warp and weft is an interlacing method of weaving – True
(c) Warp refers to horizontal threads on woven cloth – False
(d) Nizam border is a unique feature of Mangalagiri saree – True
(e) Mangalagiri is a small town in Vijayawada district – False

Question 2: Arrange the following sentences in sequential order:


…3…The yarn is kept in the sunlight for drying.
…1…The street sizing process is done to make the thread thick and strong.
…4…The yarn is boiled and sent for dyeing.
…2…The yarn is rolled on an iron rod and fixed on a loom to weave.
…5…The yarn bundles are placed on spinning wheel.

Question 3: What is the speciality of a Mangalagiri sari?

Answer: Mangalagiri sari is produced by handicraft weaving. It is special for its quality.

Question 4: Explain what the warp and the weft are.

Answer: Warp and the weft are two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn to fabric. Warp is vertical thread and weft is horizontal thread.

Question 5: Why do the weavers perform street-sizing?

Answer: Street-sizing is the extension of the warp, spraying of starch and brushing followed by drying to get it ready to weave. For street-sizing, an open and a spacious place is required.

Question 6: What problems do the weavers of Mangalagiri face?

Answer: The weavers of Mangalagiri face many problems in the textile industry like facing tough competition, change in fashion, trends, scarcity of raw material and the involvement of middle men.

Question 7: Are the handloom fabrics expensive? Why?

Answer: Yes, the handloom fabrics are expensive because it is an art, has rich appearance, has unique quality, 5-6 persons are involved in each stage and it takes 2-3 days for making a single sari.

So, these were The Art of Weaving Questions & Answers.

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