The Bamboo Princess Questions & Answers

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The Bamboo Princess Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the old man find in the bamboo stalk?

Answer: The old man found a tiny baby girl in the bamboo stalk.

Question 2: Why was the girl called ‘Bamboo Princess’?

Answer: The girl was called ‘Bamboo Princess’ because she was found among the bamboos.

Question 3: How many princes wanted to marry her?

Answer: Five princes wanted to marry her.

Question 4: What task did she give to the third prince?

Answer: The third prince was asked what he might do to show his love for her. The prince replied that he might bring her a robe made from the skins of the fire rats.

Question 5: Where did the Bamboo Princess go back?

Answer: The Bamboo Princess went back to the moon.

Question 6: What happened on a full moon night?

Answer: On a full moon night, the old bamboo-cutter and his wife found the ‘Bamboo Princess’ crying. On asking the reason for crying, she told them that she had come from the moon and now she wanted to go back to the moon. Suddenly, the moon became brighter and the moon beams covered her to take her back to the moon.

Question 7: What did the ‘Bamboo Princess’ wish for before leaving?

Answer: Before leaving, the ‘Bamboo Princess’ wished her parents a long life.

Question 8: Fill in the blanks:

1. The old bamboo cutter was going home.
2. She had grown to be a young girl.
3. She asked the first prince to go to India.
4. The girl had come from moon.

Question 9: Write True or False:

1. The baby girl was called ‘Bamboo Princess’ – True
2. The first Prince, she asked to go to China – False
3. The ‘Bamboo Princess’ had come from Sun – False
4. She said good bye to her old parents – True
5. The old parents lived a long life after that – True

So, these were The Bamboo Princess Questions & Answers.

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