Save The World Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Save The World Questions & Answers.

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Save The World Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which problems in the world are becoming greater?

Answer: In this world, the problems of food and drinking water are becoming greater and greater.

Question 2: What are the causes of global warming?

Answer: Deforestation and increasing pollution are the causes of global warming.

Question 3: What should we do when get a chance?

Answer: We should help each other whenever we get a chance.

Question 4: Give another title to the poem?

Answer: Another title to the poem can be – ‘Save The Planet’.

Question 5: Write a few pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Increasing-warming, together-other, glance-chance.

Question 6: Complete the following words:

1. problems
2. greater
3. pollution
4. global
5. chance

Question 7: Rearrange the following letters:

1. orlwd – world
2. snosrae – reasons
3. raetw – water
4. pleh – help
5. evas – save

Question 8: Complete the following lines from the poem:

1. Problems of food and drinking water,
Becoming these days greater and greater.

2. Deforestation and pollution increasing,
3. Come together, have a glance,

So, these were Save The World Questions & Answers.

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