The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers.

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The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Benny got books only…………

i. at Christmas time.
ii. on his birthday.
iii. when he demanded them.

(b) Benny completed reading a book in………..

i. three days.
ii. half a day.
iii. two hours.

(c) Benny had the habit of…………

i. stealing things.
ii. lending things.
iii. borrowing things.

(d) All the borrowed books wanted to………..

i. return to their owners.
ii. stay with Benny.
iii. praise Benny’s passion for reading books.

(e) When children asked for their books back, Benny………

i. returned them.
ii. avoided them.
iii. pretended that he had not got them.

(f) The funny dream that Benny narrated to his mother was about…..

i. his reading a funny book.
ii. his writing a book.
iii. books walking downstairs and running away.

(g) Books made Benny feel ashamed and so he……….

i. did not talk to his friends.
ii. returned all borrowed things.
iii. cried loudly.

(h) Benny promised to borrow books……………

i. again and again.
ii. only if he returned them quickly.
iii. only from relatives

The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers

Question 2: What was Benny’s favourite hobby?

Answer: His favourite hobby was reading books. 

Question 3: What kind of book did Benny want?

Answer: He wanted a book to be as long as a dictionary so that he could continue reading without a break.

Question 4: How many books did he have?

Answer: He had only eight books of his own.

Question 5: Why could Benny not bear to return books?

Answer: When Benny saw his bookcase gradually filling up, he couldn’t bear to give back any of the books.

Question 6: Whose voices did Benny hear one night?

Answer: One night, Benny heard the voices of borrowed books.

The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers

Question 7: What horrid thing had Benny done with one of the books?

Answer: Benny turned some of the pages of one of the books down to mark his place. This was the horrid thing that he had done.

Question 8: How did the books leave the house?

Answer: The books pushed the door to open and tumbled helter-skelter down the stairs. Then they went into the little room off the hall and left the house from the open window.

Question 9: Why were the children surprised when Benny returned them their things?

Answer: They were surprised because they never expected that Benny would return their books.

So, these were The Boy Who Borrowed Questions & Answers.

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