The Classroom In The Train Questions & Answers

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The Classroom In The Train Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Resembled – looked like, was similar to
  • Perpetual journey – a never-ending journey, which goes on and on
  • Stationary – not moving
  • Comprised – made up
  • Evidently – clearly

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Totto-chan was excited because_______

i. her new school had railroad cars as classrooms
ii. it was her first day at school
iii. she did not know what the classroom would be like
iv. it was her first day in a new school and classroom

(b) Totto-chan decided she would go to school every day because_______

i. she did not want to go back to her old school.
ii. that was the right thing to do.
iii. she wanted to spend as much time in the railroad car as possible.
iv. she liked her new school very much

(c) The word perpetual in the sentence ‘Studying here would be like going on a perpetual journey’ can be best replaced by the word_______

i. joyful
ii. continuous
iii. perfect
iv. permanent

(d) Totto-chan stopped singing when_______

i. the other eight students had all come in.
ii. she saw a girl come in.
iii. she saw the girl put away her thing.
iv. she saw a boy come in.

(e) Tomoe Gakuen was the name of a/the_____

i. student
ii. school
iii. teacher
iv. classroom

Question 2: What changes had been to the railroad car to turn it into a classroom?

Answer: The changes that were made to convert the railroad car in to a classroom were that –

  • the blackboard had been placed at the front of the car
  • the lengthwise seats had been removed and the school desk
  • chairs were placed facing the blackboard and lastly the hand straps had been removed.

Question 3: Why did Totto Chan feel that the railroad car classroom was moving? Which word tell you that it was not?

Answer: Totto Chan felt that the train seemed to be moving because the flowers and the trees in the school ground were swaying in the breeze. The word ‘stationary’ tells us that the train was not moving.

Question 4: Which feature in the railroad car tell you that it was old fashioned?

Answer: The railroad car had a handle on the outside of its door. To open the door, one had to use both hands to hold the handle and then slide the door to the right. This feature tells us that the railroad car belonged to an old-fashioned train.

The Classroom In The Train Questions & Answers

Question 5: What were the differences between Totto Chan’s old school and the new school?

Answer: Totto Chan’s school had old railroad carriages as classrooms with few changed features. Tomoe Gakuen, her new school, allowed the students to sit anywhere in the classroom they liked at any point of time. Whereas in the old school, the students had to sit at the desk assigned to them throughout the day.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
“They comprised the first grade ……………..on the same train.”

(a) What is Tomoe Gakuen?

Answer: Tomoe Gakuen is the name of the special school in Japan known for its unique feature of having old railway carriages as classrooms.

(b) Explain ‘travelling together on the same train’.

Answer: ‘Travelling together on the same train’ here means that all the students of the first grade would be studying together at Tomoe Gakuen.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
“Ooh!” studying here would be like going on a perpetual journey.

(a) Who remarked “ooh!” in the extract and why?

Answer: Totto Chan remarked “ooh” in the above extract because she was overjoyed and excited to see her new classroom in the railway carriage.

(b) What is ‘here’ referred to in the above lines?

Answer: ‘Here’ is referred to the railway carriage which was converted to a classroom.

(c) Describe the speaker.

Answer: The speaker is Totto Chan. She is an inquisitive Japanese girl who asks too many questions and is unmanageable.

Question 8: What did Totto Chan find similar to that of her old school? How did she feel in her new school?

Answer: Totto Chan found the wooden chairs similar to that of her old school. She felt very happy and liked her new school so much that she made a firm decision to come to school every day and never take any holiday.

Question 9: Describe the railway carriage.

Answer: The railway carriage was an old-fashioned car with a door handle on the outside sued to slide the door to the right. The windows had baggage racks above them. There was a blackboard at the front of the car and the school desk and chairs were placed facing forward replacing the lengthwise seats.

So, these were The Classroom In The Train Questions & Answers.

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