I Promise Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share I Promise Questions & Answers.

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I Promise Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pluck – to pull out
  • Promise – to do as you say
  • Vase – flower pot
  • Voice – a sound comes when you speak
  • Turn – chance

Question 1: What was written on the signboard in the garden?

Answer: ‘DO NOT PLUCK FLOWERS’ was written on the signboard in the garden.

Question 2: Why was the fairy sad?

Answer: The fairy was sad because Liza plucked flowers from the garden.

Question 3: What did Liza promise?

Answer: Liza promised that she will never pluck the flowers.

Question 4: What did Liza and her mother see in the garden the next day?

Answer: Liza and her mother saw pretty flowers in the garden the next day.

Question 5: Which things turned brown in the garden?

Answer: All the flowers, trees and leaves turned brown in the garden.

So, these were I Promise Questions & Answers.

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