The Clockwork Mouse Questions & Answers

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The Clockwork Mouse Questions & Answers

Question 1: In what ways was the clockwork mouse lifelike?

Answer: It had round ears, beady black eyes, whiskers, a long, thin tail, and a greyish-brown, furry body.

Question 2: Explain why Jimmy’s mother threw away the clockwork mouse.

Answer: Jimmy had lost the key to the clockwork mouse and had not played with it for many years, so his mother threw it away.

Question 3: Draw a timeline to record and show the clockwork mouse’s journey from the time it was thrown away to when it came back to Jimmy.


Thrown into the dustbin Thrown into the rubbish lorry Lands in the rubbish dump Carried off by a fox Bitten by a woodmouse Carried off by an owl Thrown at the foot of a tree Kicked by a squirrel Carried by a badger Tossed by a weasel Nibbled at by a hedgehog Tapped at by a woodpecker Carried off by a magpie The ash tree is blown down Picked up by a woodcutter Returned to Jimmy.

Question 4: Why do you think Jimmy asked the woodcutter to leave the clockwork mouse with him?

Answer: I think that Jimmy thought that the clockwork mouse looked like his old toy and he wanted to play with it.

Question 5: How did jimmy know for sure that it was his old mouse?

Answer: Jimmy had the clockwork mouse’s key with him. When he tried the key in the hole, it fit. On turning it, the mouse began to move. So, Jimmy realised that that was his toy.

Question 6: Predict how Jimmy’s mother would react when he would show her the clockwork mouse. Write the dialogues that would take place between them.

Answer: I think that Jimmy’s mother would not remember the mouse or throwing it away. But she would be happy that Jimmy got his old toy back.

Jimmy: Mum, guess what I found!
Mum: What is it?
Jimmy: Look, my old mouse!
Mum: What old mouse? Oh, that looks so dirty!
Jimmy: Don’t you remember, Mum? I used to play with it when I was small. But then I lost the key and we found it when we changed the carpet.
Mum: Yes, I think I remember it now. How did you get it?
Jimmy: The man who brought the logs gave it to me. See, it even works when I wind it up with the key!
Mum: Oh, get it out of the kitchen! Now I remember it all. You used to fool around with it scaring everybody.
Jimmy: Oh, I’m so happy to have it back, Mum.
Mum: Well, so am I. But please clean it with soap before playing with it.
Jimmy: Yes, Mum.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Once again, it looked lifelike.

(a) What looks lifelike, and how did it come to look like this?

Answer: The clockwork mouse; it rained one afternoon and all the dust and dirt on the mouse were washed away.

(b) When, previously, had it looked lifelike, and how had people reacted to it?

Answer: When it was brand new; people found it so real that they became very frightened by it.

(c) What happens as a consequence of it looking lifelike again?

Answer: A scavenging fox mistakes it for a real mouse and carried it off.

2. At that moment, the call of an owl rang out.

(a) Which moment is this?

Answer: Just as the male woodmouse attacked the clockwork mouse.

(b) What happens immediately after this?

Answer: The owl mistakes the clockwork mouse for a real mouse and carries it off to its nest.

Question 8: Explain the following expressions:

a. Have a clear out – do a spring cleaning; get rid of anything that is old and useless.

b. Holding it rather gingerly – holding it cautiously or delicately.

c. Bowling it over – kicking it so hard that it turns over.

d. Worked amid the lop and top – worked among the branches of the fallen tree.

e. Half a tick – wait a second; just a minute.

So, these were The Clockwork Mouse Questions & Answers.

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