The Snake Questions & Answers

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The Snake Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Basks – enjoys lying in the heat or light, especially that of the sun
  • Pace – speed at which someone or something walks, runs or moves
  • Doze – sleep lightly for a short time
  • Earth-bound – unable to move away from the surface of the earth
  • Glides – moves smoothly or quietly
  • Uncoils – becomes straight after having been wound or twisted round in a circular shape

Question 1: Green-gold on the grass.

(a) What is green-gold on the grass?

Answer: The snake is green-gold on the grass.

(b) Why is it described so?

Answer: It is described so because the colour of the snake’s skin is shining in the bright sunlight.

Question 2: Kept in so long,
He basks for hours
Soaks up the hot bright sun.

(a) Why was the snake kept in so long?

Answer: The snake was kept in so long because it had been raining for many days.

(b) Does the snake enjoy lying in the sun? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, the snake enjoys lying in the sun because it basks in the sun for hours.

Question 3: Knowing how shy he is of me.

(a) Why does the speaker say the snake is shy of him/her?

Answer: The speaker says the snake is shy of him/her because the snake does not stay when the speaker approaches it, it uncoils and disappears.

(b) How does the speaker know this?

Answer: The speaker knows this when the snake leaves.

Question 4: I walk a gentle pace.

(a) What is the snake doing when the speaker notices it?

Answer: The snake is basking and dozing in the sun when the speaker notices it.

(b) Why does the speaker walk at a slow pace?

Answer: The speaker walks at a slow pace because he doesn’t want to disturb the snake’s sleep.

Question 5: Who, when he sees me on the path, Uncoils and disappears.

(a) Why does the snake uncoil and disappear?

Answer: The snake uncoils and disappears because the snake is a shy creature and it does not like being near people.

(b) How does the snake recognize the speaker’s presence?

Answer: As the snake lies on the ground, it can sense the speaker’s footsteps clearly. In this way, the snake recognizes the speaker’s presence.

Question 6: What does the speaker say must sound like thunder? Why does he/she say this?

Answer: The speaker says that his/her footsteps sound like thunder. The speaker says this because the snake disappears as he/she approaches it.

Question 7: What do you understand from the line – I’ve known him for some years? What does it say about the speaker’s relationship with the snake?

Answer: It says that the speaker has been observing the snake and its behaviour for a few years now.

Question 8: Pick out words from the poem that mean the same as these.

1. To come out of a dark, confined or hidden place – Emerge
2. Enjoys lying in the heat of the sun – Basks
3. Doing something in a quiet and careful way – Gentle
4. A loud crashing noise – Thunder
5. Unlikely to cause damage or harm – Harmless

Question 9: Pick out any two lines from the poem which tell you the speaker likes the snake.

Answer: The lines from the poem that tell us that the speaker likes the snake are:

  • Knowing how shy he is of me, I walk a gentle pace
  • I’ve known him for some years.

So, these were The Snake Questions & Answers.

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