Anna Pavlova Questions & Answers

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Anna Pavlova Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Anna have to wait before she could learn to dance?

Answer: Anna had to wait because she was just eight years old and too young to learn dancing. She had to wait for two years before she could learn to dance.

Question 2: Why did Anna become the prima ballerina of the theatre company?

Answer: Anna became the prima ballerina of the theatre company because she had the gift of dance and was hard-working.

Question 3: Why was the audience silent at the end of one of her performances?

Answer: The audience was so amazed by the beauty of her dance that they were spellbound.

Question 4: What made Anna fall ill?

Answer: Constant travel and long hours of practice made Anna ill. She caught a chill during a train journey from Holland.

Question 5: What did the audience see on stage when The Dying Swan was performed the day after Anna’s death?

Answer: The audience saw on stage a shining spotlight which flitted around the stage replaced her in the performance when The Dying Swan was performed the day after Anna’s death.

Question 6: Complete the sentences:

1. Anna Pavlova decided to become a dancer because she was enchanted by the ballet Sleeping Beauty.

2. I think that many people in the audience wept on the day after Anna died because she was one of the most wonderful dancers the world has seen.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

She soon became the main dancer or the prima ballerina.

(a) Who is ‘she’ in the extract?

Answer: Anna Pavlova is ‘she’ in the extract.

(b) What was significant about music being composed for her?

Answer: The significant thing about the music being composed for Anna Pavlova was that she had become so popular that composers wanted to compose music for her dance.

(c) Why was that evening special for Anna?

Answer: The evening was special for Anna because she was fascinated by the play and watched it wide-eyed and that is when she decided that she would become a ball dancer someday.

(d) How was Anna’s dance appreciated?

Answer: When Anna performed on the stage, the audience was amazed at the beauty of her dance. At the end of the show, there was spellbound silence and a long and loud applause followed the performance and it lasted for nearly fifteen minutes.

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