A Stormy Day Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Stormy Day Questions & Answers.

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A Stormy Day Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The wooden bridge on the river

(a) had strong rails on each side.
(b) went through the river banks.
(c) was quite high.

2. Beauty, the master and John started back for home

(a) early next morning.
(b) late in the afternoon.
(c) after sunset.

3. Their path was blocked by

(a) a river.
(b) the branch of an oak tree.
(c) another carriage.

4. The man at the toll-gate informed them that the bridge was

(a) crowded.
(b) under construction.
(c) broken.

5. Master said that the knowledge given to animals often saved

(a) time.
(b) money.
(c) lives.

Question 2: Why did Beauty like to go in a dog-cart?

Answer: Beauty liked to go in a dog-cart because it was light and it had large wheels that ran well.

Question 3: What happened to the bridge when it rained heavily?

Answer: When it rained heavily, the river became full and the water would nearly reach the planks in the middle of the bridge.

Question 4: The man at the toll-gate said, ‘it would be a bad night’. Explain what he meant.

Answer: The man said that it would be a bad night because it was stormy. The river was rising fast and many meadows were already submerged under water.

Question 5: Describe the weather when the cart was passing through the wood.

Answer: When the cart was passing through the wood, the weather became stormy. The branches of the trees swayed, making terrible sounds.

Question 6: What would have happened if Beauty had crossed the bridge on the way back to home?

Answer: If Beauty had crossed the bridge, John and the cart would have all fallen into the river below, along with Beauty. They would have all drowned in the river.

Question 7: The master says that the knowledge given to animals is better than reason given to men. How does the story show this?

Answer: The ending of the story shows this because Beauty did not want to cross the broken bridge. He knew that something was wrong when the men in the cart didn’t. So, Beauty’s knowledge proved more valuable than the men’s reason as it saved their lives.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘I dared not go forward, and made a sudden stop.’

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Beauty said this.

(b) Where was the speaker at this time?

Answer: At this time, Beauty was standing at the edge of the bridge, ready to cross the river.

(c) Why did the speaker not go forward?

Answer: He did not go forward because he could feel that it was not safe to go on.

(d) What happened immediately after this?

Answer: Immediately after this, the tall man told the man that the bridge was broken in the middle. If they had tried to cross it, they would have fallen into the river.

So, these were A Stormy Day Questions & Answers.

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