Dear Diary Questions & Answers

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Dear Diary Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the name of the person who wrote this diary?

Answer: Ayesha is the person who wrote this diary.

Question 2: The author says, ‘Two things I hate most……apart from twin brothers.’ What are these two things?

Answer: The two things the author hates most apart from twin brothers are having the ceiling light and TV on by her brother.

Question 3: What travel experiences does the author mention that are not ‘straightforward’?

Answer: The travel experiences that are not straightforward are travel arrangements, such as paperwork, tickets, etc.

Question 4: Analyzing the author’s writing style, how does she emphasize something in her writing? Give some examples.

Answer: The author emphasises by asking rhetorical questions and by exaggerating – ‘was half the population of Karachi there to see us off?’, ‘Why can’t anything be straightforward when we go somewhere?’

Question 5: How do we learn that the author does not have a good experience swimming in the sea?

Answer: The author did not enjoy swimming because the waves were big and the undertow was very strong. She felt scared by it as she could have been carried very far away from the shore.

Question 6: In what way is playing table tennis with Afzal unpleasant?

Answer: Playing table tennis with Afzal is unpleasant because the author gets bruised several times by the ball. It appears that Afzal plays very aggressively.

Question 7: What did the author feel was strange about seeing Father Christmas? Which words does she use incorrectly in this context?

Answer: The author feels strange seeing Father Christmas dancing in an entertainment show. This is against the traditional image of Father Christmas. She uses the word eccentric incorrectly in this context.

Question 8: What does the author think about wildlife?

Answer: The author enjoys seeing wildlife and observes camels, a Monitor lizard and goats on her desert trip. She knows that it is difficult to spot a gazelle in the desert.

Question 9: What humorous statements does the author make in the diary?

Answer: The humorous statements that the author make in the diary are – ‘Two-things I hate most… apart from brothers…’, ‘They should have just given him a mat…? Perhaps he knew he would not get a tip if he acted in a surely fashion. The way he handled our bags’.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. The way he handles our bags and took corners and the speed at which he went told the true story.

(a) When was this statement made and about whom?

Answer: This statement was made when the taxi driver at Dubai was speeding to the hotel after the author’s family’s flight was delayed.

(b) Why do the bumps and the speed tell a different story?

Answer: Though the driver did not show anger at having been kept waiting, his speed while driving back and the way he handled our bags communicated his impatience and irritation.

(c) What did ‘he’ really feel at this time?

Answer: He really felt anger, irritation and impatience.

2. How embarrassing for him. And how they laughed!

(a) Embarrassing for whom? And who laughed?

Answer: Embarrassing for the author’s brother, Afzal. A busload of school kids laughed.

(b) When did this incident occur and what happened?

Answer: When Afzal, the author’s brother, was trying to impress a busload of school kids and tried to jump from the boat on to the jetty instead of using the gangplank. He nearly fell into the water in doing so.

(c) How did this embarrassment make the person act later no?

Answer: He didn’t accompany his family to the restaurant, and also stopped talking to his sister.

Question 11: With references from the text, make comments about the following:

a. The author likes animals and animal training.

Answer: True – the author loved the animals in the desert.

b. The author is looking forward to and not looking forward to her birthday.

Answer: Looking forward because of presents; not looking forward because of the mischief her brother will be up to with his kazoo.

c. Why the author misses writing in her diary (twice).

Answer: 22 Dec – It was her birthday; 24 Dec – fell sick

d. Why the author says she might need and then not need new jeans.

Answer: She has been eating a lot on her vacation, therefore, may need a new pair of jeans; but if she has to rely on Afzal’s fishing for dinner, may not need them.

Question 12: Find alternative words or terms used in the diary for the following:

(a) Dignitaries – VIP
(b) Maze – labyrinth
(c) Market – souk
(d) Frolic in water – splash around
(e) Gifts – presents
(f) slingshot – catapult
(g) Table tennis – ping pong
(h) The night before some event – eve

So, these were Dear Diary Questions & Answers.

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