The Fraid Questions & Answers

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The Fraid Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Sue want to go down the road?

Answer: Sue lived in a place where there were no children. So, she wanted to go down the road to play with the little boy who lived there.

Question 2: Did Sue listen to what her mother told her?

Answer: No, Sue forgot what her mother had told her and returned home after dark.

Question 3: How did Sue’s mother try to teach Sue a lesson?

Answer: Sue’s mother tried to give her a lesson by covering herself in a white sheet and disguising herself as a ghost. She did this so that Sue could really get afraid.

Question 4: Did Sue learn her lesson? What do you think? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Sue never learnt her lesson because she did not get afraid when her mother tried to scare her. Instead, the mother got afraid of the monkey dressed up as her.

Question 5: Who said the following, when and to whom?

1. ‘I’m not a fraid’.

Answer: Sue, to her mother, the first time she got late coming back home.

2. ‘You’ll be afraid’.

Answer: Sue’s mother, to Sue, warning Sue why she should come home before it gets dark.

3. ‘There’s another Fraid!’

Answer: Sue, to the bigger Fraid, when she sees another ghost.

4. ‘Yes, I promise.’

Answer: Sue, to her mother, promising to return home before dark the second time she goes to play with the boy.

5. ‘Remember!’

Answer: Sue’s mother, to Sue, reminding her to come home in time the third time Sue went out to play.

6. ‘Whoooo!’

Answer: Sue’s mother, to Sue, pretending to be a ghost and trying to scare her.

So, these were The Fraid Questions & Answers.

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