The Chocolate Cream Soldier Questions & Answers

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The Chocolate Cream Soldier Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Bluntschli is

i. Swiss
ii. Bulgarian
iii. Austrian
iv. Serbian

(b) Raina feels at ease with Bluntschli because he

i. is not Serbian and therefore not her enemy.
ii. seems quite cowardly and not a true soldier.
iii. does not threaten her and is very polite.
iv. is at her mercy and needs her help to stay safe.

(c) Raina is scornful of Bluntschli because

i. he prefers chocolates to cartridges even though he is a soldier.
ii. he devours the chocolates she gives him in an unsoldierly manner.
iii. he greedily scrapes the chocolate box and licks his fingers.
iv. he asks her for food even though he is an enemy soldier.

(d) Bluntschli says that the lead Bulgarian’s attack on the Serbians was

i. stupid, because most of them were young soldiers and fighting in a war for the first time.
ii. unheroic, since they knew that the Serbians did not have the ammunition for their machine guns.
iii. extremely foolish, as the Serbians had machine guns while the Bulgarians were only cavalrymen.
iv. Unprofessional, because their soldiers were merely slashing their weapons wildly in the air.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

You can tell the young ones by their wildness and their slashing. The old ones come bunched up under the number one guard.

(a) Who are the young ones?

Answer: The young ones are those new soldiers who have no much experience in the battlefield.

(b) Who are the old ones?

Answer: The old ones are those experienced soldiers who knew that they are merely projectiles and they came bunched up under the number one guard.

(c) Why do the young ones behave wildly and the old ones come bunched together?

Answer: This brings direct attention to the reference between youth and maturity. The young ones behave wildly because they are not having any experience of fighting. The old ones come bunchedup under the number one guard and they know that they are mere projectiles and no use to fight.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

A regular handsome fellow, with flashing eyes and lovely moustache, shouting his war-cry….We did laugh.

(a) Who is the fellow?

Answer: Sergius Saranoff is referred as the fellow.

(b) Who laughed?

Answer: The Serbian army laughed.

(c) Why did they laugh?

Answer: The people in the enemy camp nearly burst out with laughter at the sight of him charging in the overly heroic manner. Sergius led charge with much animation and war-cry. In reality, Sergius had committed the gravest mistake of leading his regiment into a suicidal attack.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Most likely he had got wind of the cartridge business somehow, and knew it was a safe job.

(a) What does ‘got wind of the cartridge business’ mean?

Answer: ‘Got wind of the cartridge business’ means well experienced soldier who is having good knowledge of the cartridge.

(b) What does Bluntschli mean by this?

Answer: Bluntschli meant to say that the first man is well experienced soldier having good knowledge of the cartridge.

(c) Why does he say this?

Answer: He says this because he observed that the lady is annoyed on whose mercy, he hid himself safely from enemy soldiers. He doesn’t want to annoy her.

So, these were The Chocolate Cream Soldier Questions & Answers.

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