What Makes Me Indian Questions & Answers

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What Makes Me Indian Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Whenever Ruskin Bond has had a chance to leave India, he has

(a) jumped at the opportunity.
(b) thought long and hard.
(c) always held back.
(d) saved money to go.

2. Ruskin Bond admits that he

(a) Does not look Indian.
(b) is crazy.
(c) thinks about leaving India.
(d) is as Indian as anyone else.

3. Ruskin bond feels entitled to a place in the Indian sun because

(a) he can trace his mother’s connections to India.
(b) he is a red Indian.
(c) he can prove his Indianness.
(d) he and his father were born and raised in India.

4. The main point discussed by Ruskin Bond in this essay is

(a) the Indian is a unique phenomenon.
(b) the Indian is terrifying but beautiful too.
(c) he is as Indian as anyone else.
(d) why many Indians leave the country.

Question 2: It must be the land itself that holds me.  What does Ruskin Bond mean by the land itself holds me?

Answer: By ‘the land itself holds me’, he means that the land holds him back and does not allow him to leave. He was born in India, went to school and grew to manhood. His father was also born in India, worked and died there. This land also contains the ashes of his grandparents. So, he had a great attachment with India.

Question 3: For India is more than a land. India is an atmosphere. How does Ruskin Bond explain this? What does he mean by atmosphere?

Answer: Ruskin Bond says that India is not just geographical object. It is a civilization, a culture and an indescribable phenomenon. Over thousands of years, the races and religions of the world have mingled here.

Question 4: I’m as Indian as postman or paanwala or your favourite movie star. Why does Ruskin Bond pick on these as examples of Indians?

Answer: The postman and paanwala are among the most ordinary people and representatives of the country. He says that he identifies with them and he is as ordinary and common as them.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
Race did not make me an Indian. But history did.

(a) What race does Ruskin Bond belong to?

Answer: By race he is a North European.

(b) What does he mean by history?

Answer: By ‘history’ he means his past and his life so far.

(c) How did history make him Indian?

Answer: He was born and raised in India and he has spent almost all his adult life here. India is where his father was born, studied, worked and died. This history makes him Indian.

Question 6: Why does Ruskin Bond say that he was greatly relieved to turn down the offer to work in Hong Kong?

Answer: Ruskin Bond says that he was greatly relieved to turn down the offer to work in Hong Kong as he does not want to leave India. When he was offered a well-paid job in Hong Kong, he was tempted to leave India. After a lot of thought, he declined the offer. He was relieved because he did not have to leave India.

Question 7: Why do Ruskin Bond’s friends think he is crazy?

Answer: Ruskin Bond’s friends think he is crazy because he let go of great opportunity to go abroad and continues to live in India.

Question 8: What does Ruskin Bond wonder about people who leave India?

Answer: Ruskin Bond wonders if Indians who leave India never feel homesick or long to return home.

So, these were What Makes Me Indian Questions & Answers.

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