Getting Future Ready Questions & Answers

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Getting Future Ready Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Gauge – measure or calculate
  • Acting on reflexes – responding naturally and quickly
  • Humanoids – machines that look and behave like human beings
  • Gesture – signs
  • Frubber – an elastic form of rubber invented by Hanson Robotics
  • Computer algorithms – the method used by a computer to solve a problem step by step.
  • Process – here, understand
  • Conceptualized by – here, originally designed by
  • Functional humanoids – robots that look like humans and have a special purpose

Question 1: Write the statements that are true.
An autonomous car


  • Can steer the wheel, apply the brakes and park itself.
  • Can help old and differently abled people move around.
  • Has several in-built devices and software for driving and navigating.
  • Functions like human drivers by anticipating and responding to traffic.
  • Has in-built cameras that see the road and navigate accordingly.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Sophia is called humanoid because she

(a) can answer many questions.
(b) can mimic human actions.
(c) is of use in public places.
(d) has more uses than a robot.

2. Hanson Robotics originally designed Sophia to

(a) be the UN’s first Innovation Champion.
(b) answer any question put to her.
(c) turn science fiction to reality.
(d) Help the elderly and the public.

3. Sophia’s popularity indicates that

(a) robots are all brain and no heart.
(b) further research in robotics is essential.
(c) there will be more humanoids in future.
(d) all science fiction will come true.

Question 3: Write True or False:

1. Modern technology is very affordable – False
2. Technology could become more accessible – True
3. Advances in technology will make machines better than humans – True
4. Cutting-edge technology will impact all aspects of human life – True
5. Modern technology is useful only to certain kinds of people – False
6. Technology will change the way humans live and travel – True
7. Modern technology is truly revolutionary – True
8. Futuristic technology does not have any disadvantages – False

Question 4: What makes driverless car safer than a car driven by a person?

Answer: Driverless cars have special in-built systems and software that are programmed to sense the environment and operate safely on the road. Such cars can judge between vehicles, interpret traffic signals, control speed and detect danger. In these cars, there are no chances of human error. These features make these cars safer than cars driven by a person.

Question 5: List all the features that make Sophia a humanoid.

Answer: The features that make Sophia a humanoid are:

Sophia can display more than fifty facial expressions, imitate several human gestures and hold a simple conversation. She has functional legs too. The use of frubber gives Sophia’s face a life-like appearance. Artificial Intelligence allows her to recognize faces and voices, maintain eye contact and process human speech.

Question 6: What are the signs that space tourism is gaining popularity?

Answer: Between 1990 and 2009, eight people went into space as ‘tourist’. Several space tourism companies have been formed since then, with an aim to facilitate private space exploration.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
……. Driverless cars with varying levels of autonomy…….

(a) In what ways can cars be self-governing?

Answer: A driverless car is self-governing because it can drive, navigate, follow traffic and act on reflexes without any human intervention. It can do so using in-built systems and software that are programmed to ‘sense’ the environment and operate on the road.

(b) What does ‘varying levels of autonomy’ mean?

Answer: ‘Varying levels of autonomy’ means that driverless cars will have different levels of self-sufficiency i.e. one car may need absolutely no human intervention whereas another car may need a little supervision and so on.

Question 8: The use of frubber gives Sophia’s face a life-like appearance. Frubber is a kind of material. What qualities do you think frubber has?

Answer: Frubber could be like a mix of clay and sponge which is soft and flexible. It can be stretched into any shape or form. It looks like human skin in colour and can move like real skin too.

Question 9: …….two individuals breached the Earth’s atmosphere…..Breach can mean break, violate or get through. What does breach mean here?

Answer: Here, ‘breach’ means get through.

So these were Getting Future Ready Questions & Answers.

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