Battling Boats Questions & Answers

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Battling Boats Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Kuttan said that by the time someone realized Karichal-I was damaged, it would be ‘too late’ to

i. repair the boat.
ii. win the race.
iii. catch Kesavan.
iv. stop the race.

(b) Kuttan’s hands were sweating with nervousness because

i. Kesavan and Unni were pointing at him.
ii. he was excited about the race.
iii. he was worried his plan might not work.
iv. of Kesavan and Unni’s sabotage.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“You’ll be famous! The youngest….”

(a) What do you think Sukumaran left unfinished?

Answer: Sukumaran left unfinished because he was a little envy with Kuttan and thus, he did not want to praise him too much.

(b) Does Sukumaran envy Kuttan or admire him or both?

Answer: From the sentence given above, we can infer that though Sukumaran admired Kuttan but he also envied him.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

“We’ll decide what to do after I tell Achhan”…..Kuttan hesitated for a moment deciding whether to tell his secret to Achhan.

(a) What did he want to tell his father in each instance?

Answer: In the first instance, Kuttan wanted to tell his father about the sabotage, that Karichal – I had been deliberately damaged by Kesavan and Unni, the sons of the captain of Karichal-II.

In the second instance, Kuttan wanted to tell his father about what he, Sukumaran and Vasu had done in response to the sabotage.

(b) Did Kuttan tell his father in either instance?

Answer: No, Kuttan did not tell his father anything in either instance.

Question 4: What made Karichal-I and Karichal-II beautiful to look at?

Answer: Karichal-I and Karichal-II were decorated with multicoloured silk parasols and gold tassels. Colourful spirals were carved on the bows and sterns of the two boats.

Question 5: How did Kuttan save Karichal-I?

Answer: Kuttan saved Karichal-I by changing its number to Karichal-II and interchanging its position with Karichal-II.

Question 6: Why were Kesavan and Unni shocked?

Answer: Kesavan and Unni were shocked because their sabotage did not succeed. They had damaged Karichal-I and had expected it to fill with water in the middle of the lake. Instead, Karichal-II filled with water and lost the race.

Question 7: Complete the sentences:

1. Kuttan picked up his half-empty basket and went away from the marketplace.
2. Kuttan knew they should wait to sell all the coconuts but he was too excited for the boat race.
3. The backwaters were so crowded because everyone had come to watch the boat race.
4. The boys were looking at the beautiful boats when they heard a hammering sound from Karichal-I.
5. Kuttan had no time to repair the holes, so he came up with a clever plan.
6. Karichal-II was going fast yet it lost the race.

So, these were Battling Boats Questions & Answers.

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