Advia Questions & Answers

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Advia Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Started – looked alarmed
  • Oldies – here, old songs
  • Hospitable – welcoming and generous to guests
  • licked them – defeated them
  • To drive the blues away – try to stop someone from feeling upset or sad

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Puja felt oppressed because__________

i. of the heat, dust and the bare, rocky landscape
ii. of her brother’s words about dacoits
iii. she was feeling sweaty and thirsty
iv. they were passing through a dangerous route

(b) The two Afghani men scared the family because they__________

i. were dacoits
ii. looked like monstrous birds
iii. rushed towards the car
iv. held sticks

(c) Puja was unable to follow Sudhir’s instructions because__________

i. she did not know how to wind up the car window
ii. she did not understand what he told her
iii. she was very frightened and didn’t know what to do
iv. she was looking at the two men in fascination

(d) The family might have helped the men if__________

i. they had not been prejudiced
ii. the men hadn’t been armed
iii. all of them had been good friends
iv. the men had been dressed better

Question 2: How did the family escape from the men?

Answer: The father quickly got into the car and started. While the two men kept rattling the door and banging the window, the father drove away so that the men were left behind. Thus, the family escaped the men.

Question 3: Why did Puja feel like crying all afternoon even though the family was safe?

Answer: While returning from Balk, all the way Puja had felt oppressed by the heat, dust and the terrain. To this was added the nerve-wrecking experience of being waylaid by the two strangers. And finally, Puja broke down at home when she realized that the two men needed help. They were not dacoits but people in trouble. She couldn’t bear the thought of their having run away from two people in difficulty. The combination of all the various experiences overwhelmed Puja.

Advia Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did Puja’s father take a whole minute to read the meaning of advia?

Answer: When Puja’s father saw the meaning of the word Advia, he also realized what a terrible thing had happened. He realized how much the family had misunderstood the two men. He also understood that the two men must have been in some sort of emergency to have acted so desperately. Maybe a child was very sick. Maybe someone was very serious. His deeply troubled conscience robbed him of speech.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

Advia Questions & Answers

(a) Why do you think the family believed the men to be dacoits?

Answer: A combination of various factors led the family to believe that the men were dacoits. First of all, the lonely place, the mountainous region and the strange land put fear into their hearts. Then the appearance of the two men, the unknown language they spoke and the way they shouted and behaved convinced the family that the men were dacoits. But the most important reason was the prejudice which the family carried in its head.

(b) Why was Puja not pleased at all?

Answer: On the one hand, Puja was shaken by the experience. On the other hand, something was nagging her from inside telling her that the men were perhaps not dacoits.

(c) Why did Sudhir think that the men were out to get the watches and chain? In your opinion, how much of this conclusion was based on the men’s characters and how much was based on Sudhir’s personality?

Answer: The men were rude looking people who were desperate to get some medicine from the family Sudhir had been imagining the place to be a hideout for dacoits from the beginning. He comes across as a typical boy who has read too many adventure stories or watched too many adventure films. It was a combination of both the factors that made Sudhir think that the men were out to rob them.

Question 6: What are the disadvantages of stereotyping people or being prejudiced against them?

Answer: If we stereotype people and are prejudiced against them, we close ourselves to them. Many times, this means missing out on the valuable opportunity of getting to know someone very different, someone who may be interesting, witty or experienced in many ways. Prejudice makes us narrow-minded and it restricts our mental and emotional growth. The world is full of the most varied kinds of humanity and we have to be openminded enough to enjoy that diversity and learn from it.

So, these were Advia Questions & Answers.

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