CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key

Hi Everyone!! This article will share CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key.

Today, across the country, CBSE Class 10 Information Technology, IT Term 1 Examination 2021- 22 was conducted. Below is given the question paper and answer key that you can refer to.

CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key

Section A (Employability Skills)

1. There are many reasons why interpersonal communications may fail. While communicating, the message may not be received exactly the way the sender intended and therefore it is important that the communicator seeks__________to check that their message is clearly understood.

(a) Description
(b) Feedback
(c) Channel
(d) Sign

2. Which one of the following is not a barrier to effective communication?

(a) Physical barrier
(b) Linguistic barrier
(c) Interpersonal barrier
(d) Subjective barrier

3. To perform well at work and life in general, you must be able to manage and improve yourself in various skills. Which of the following skills helps you to prioritize the things you have to do remove waste and redundancy from work?

(a) Responsibility
(b) Time management
(c) Self-awareness
(d) Adaptability

4. Managing stress is about making a plan to be able to cope effectively with daily pressure. Always keep in mind the ABC of stress management. The acronym ABC stands for:

(a) Ability, Burden, Concise
(b) Adore, Belief, Cause
(c) Adversity, Beliefs, Consequences
(d) Adapt, Balance, Cooperate

5. Neha is receiving several mails from companies who are advertising a product or trying to attract her to their website. Such type of mails are called________.

(a) Advertising mails
(b) Bulk mails
(c) Spam mails
(d) Labelled mails

6. A computer automatically runs a basic program called________ as soon as it is switched on or the power button is pushed on.

(a) BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
(b) IOS (Input/Output System)
(c) BOSS (Basic On System Startup)
(d) POS (Power On System)

Section B (Subject Specific Skills)

7. Styles help to improve consistency in a document. Identify the style that is used to format graphic and text frames, including wrapping type, borders, backgrounds and columns.

(a) Numbering
(b) Character
(c) Graphics
(d) Frame

8. Arguments passed to a macro from Calc are always________.

(a) Strings
(b) References
(c) Numbers
(d) Values

CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key

9. In a document, ________ is used to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to the Styles and Formatting window and double-click every time.

(a) Fill format mode
(b) Formatting window
(c) Painter mode
(d) Text wrapping

10. Tanu explained his class that to apply an existing style, except for ________, position the insertion point in the paragraph, frame or page and then double-click on the name of the style in one of these lists.

(a) Window style
(b) Character style
(c) Paragraph style
(d) Cell style

11. The _________window shows the types of styles available for the OpenOffice ( component you are using.

(a) Styles and Formatting
(b) Font and Formatting
(c) Insert
(d) Edit

12. In Writer, ________refers to the reference point for the graphics. This point could be the page or frame where the object is, a paragraph or even a character.

(a) Arrangement
(b) Anchoring
(c) Framing
(d) Text wrapping

13. _________ function takes data from a series of worksheets or workbooks and summaries it into a single worksheet that you can update easily.

(a) Summation
(b) Data Consolidation
(c) Data Format
(d) Data Chart

14. Two other toolbars can be opened from Picture Toolbar are : the ________ and _______.

(a) Edit picture, Colour picture
(b) Format, drawing
(c) Graphic Filter toolbar, Colour toolbar
(d) Floating toolbar, Colour toolbar

15. If you are continually working with the same range, then you may give a name to the range using _______ option under Data Menu.

(a) Define data
(b) Define range
(c) Define reference
(d) Define address

16. In Calc, using the Subtotals dialog, you can select arrays and then choose a statistical function to apply to them. For efficiency, you can choose up to _______ groups of array to which to apply a function.

(a) two
(b) three
(c) four
(d) five

17. Solve option under Tools menu amounts to a more elaborate form of _______. The difference is that the Solver deals with equations with multiple __________.

(a) Unknown variables, Goals Seek
(b) Variables, Equation
(c) Goal Seek, Unknown variables
(d) Subtotal, Goal Seek

CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key

18. Usually, you run a formula to calculate a result based upon existing values. By contrast, using _______, you can discover what values will produce the result that you want.

(a) Subtotal
(b) Scenario
(c) Sort Lists
(d) Goal Seek

19. Rama and two of her friends are doing survey of genderwise employment rates of their locality as a school project using Spreadsheet. They all want to work simultaneously to complete it on time. What option they should use to access the same Spreadsheet to speed up their work.

(a) Consolidate Worksheet
(b) Shared Worksheet
(c) Link Worksheet
(d) Lock Worksheet

20. In Calc, you can use a cell reference in one or several formulas to refer to:

(a) Data from one or more contiguous cells on the worksheet
(b) Data contained in any Software
(c) Data contained in any format in databases
(d) Images in picture gallery

21. Which one of the following is an example of RDBMS?

(a) MongoDB
(b) Windows registry
(c) Publisher
(d) Oracle

22. The ________ has evolved since the 1960s to ease increasing difficulties in designing, building and maintaining complex information systems.

(a) Knowledge concept
(b) Formula concept
(c) Database concept
(d) Forms concept

23. Writer’s table of contents feature lets you build an automated table of contents from the ______ in your document.

(a) Template
(b) Style
(c) Headings
(d) Tables

24. In Calc, to create the reference with the mouse:

(a) Both Spreadsheets need not be open
(b) Select the cell in which the formula is going to be entered
(c) There is no need of ‘=’ symbol
(d) Cell reference is not required

25. ________can be used In Calc to jump to a different location from within a spreadsheet and can lead to other parts of the current file, to different files or even to websites.

(a) Tables
(b) Goal Seek
(c) Auto Sum
(d) Hyperlinks

26. Any settings that can be added to or modified in a document can be saved in a template. Which of the settings below cannot be included in Writer’s Document and saved as a template for later use?

(a) Styles for later use
(b) Printer settings
(c) Format and setting of tables
(d) Formula settings

CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key

Section C (Competency-Based Questions)

27. Remakant is running a business and has to send letters to a number of delegates. A __________ can also be a quick way to take a list of people’s mailing addresses and generate labels or envelopes with the address for different persons on each label or envelope.

(a) Mail Merge
(b) E-mail
(c) Paragraph
(d) Style

28. Vineeta has to prepare a report on her research work in which she needs to include images with text. Which feature helps to balance the relation of graphics to the surrounding text, which may wrap around the graphic on one side or both sides, be overprinted behind or in front of the graphic or treat the graphic as a separate paragraph or character?

(a) Arrangement
(b) Alignment
(c) Table of content
(d) Text wrapping

29. Jagriti has inserted an image in a document. She wants to resize the image. Which option of the word processor image format should be selected to let the two dimensions (height and width) change so that the proportion is maintained, allowing for a scaled resizing?

(a) Keep ratio
(b) Keep aspect
(c) Crop
(d) Contrast

30. Statement I: The data from the consolidation ranges and target range are saved when you save the worksheet.
Statement II: If you later open a worksheet in which consolidation has been defined, this data will not be available again.

Consider above two statements, identify the correct one.

(a) Statement I is wrong.
(b) Statement II is wrong.
(c) Both the Statements I and II are wrong.
(d) Both the Statements I and II are correct.

31. In Spreadsheets,

Statement I: To consolidate by row labels or column labels, the label must be contained in the selected source ranges.
Statement II: The text in the labels must be identical, so that rows or columns can be accurately matched.
Statement III: If the row or column label does not match any that exist in the target range, it will be appended as a new row or column.

Consider the above three statements, identify the correct one.

(a) Only Statements I and II are correct.
(b) Only Statements II and III are correct.
(c) Only Statement II is correct.
(d) All the Statements are correct.

32. Malini wants to store a huge amount of information about her zone in a database. Should not be repeated in her file. Her friend Gargi explained her various benefits of storing data in RDBMS. It helps in preventing/controlling duplication of data. Which of the following terms is used to refer to duplication data?

(a) Data sharing
(b) Data privacy
(c) Data redundancy
(d) Data integrity

33. Rohan has 50,000/- that he wants to invest in two mutual funds for one year. Fund A is a low risk fund with 18% interest rate and Fund B is a higher risk fund with 21% interest rate. Which feature of spreadsheets (Calc) will help him to decide?

(a) Solver
(b) Subtotal
(c) Linking sheets
(d) Macros

So, this was the CBSE Class 10 IT 402 Term 1 (2021-22) Answer Key.

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