Majid Goes Shopping Questions & Answers

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Majid Goes Shopping Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were Majid’s likes and dislikes?

Answer: Majid liked toys and reading books. He even liked visiting a toy shop or a bookshop but he did not like shopping. He did not like to go shopping for clothes, bangles, shoes, or food.

Question 2: How did Majid behave in the supermarket?

Answer: Majid was very naughty in the supermarket. As he did not enjoy being there, he played a prank on his mother and put lots of things into the trolley that his mother did not want to buy.

Question 3: What was the reason behind Majid’s chuckling?

Answer: Majid was chuckling because he realised the misunderstanding that had taken place. He understood ‘urchin’ as ‘whined like her chin’ and her mother ‘turned into a supermarket’ very amusing.

Question 4: For each of the following, say who was speaking, who was being spoken to and when the words were said.

1. ‘I bet it’s food next.’

Answer: Majid said this to himself after the shopping for shoes and clothes was over.

2. ‘You are a naughty boy!’

Answer: Mum to Majid, at the supermarket checkout counter, when she understood the prank, he had pulled by loading all sorts of unnecessary stuff into their trolley.

3. ‘I whined like her chin.’

Answer: Majid, to his Dad and Mum, when they realised that Majid had misunderstood what Mum had said.

4. ‘So that’s where you went.’

Answer: Dad, to Mum, after hearing from Mum that they had been to the supermarket.

5. ‘You did!’

Answer: Majid said to Mum when she denied having compared him to an old woman’s chin.

Question 5: Words and meaning:

(a) Mum: I never wear ‘………eyeshadow’.
(b) ‘Dad your car was just ahead of mine, on the main road and then ‘…………all of a sudden, you disappeared,’
(c) ‘Majid I don’t ………….want to leave my book and go shopping!’

So, these were Majid Goes Shopping Questions & Answers.

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