The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Questions & Answers

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Questions & Answers

Question 1: What happened to the crops in the village?

Answer: The crops in the village disappeared just before the harvest time.

Question 2: Why didn’t the villagers have anything to eat?

Answer: The villagers didn’t have anything to eat because the sorcerer had used his magic to take away all the produce from their fields.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘It must be magic.’ Cried the villagers.

(a) What did the villagers think of as magic?

Answer: The disappearance of their crops made the villagers think that it was a magic.

(b) What did they find one morning?

Answer: One morning, they found that their fields were bare.

(c) Why were women worried?

Answer: The women were worried because they did not have any food for their families in winter.

(d) Who decided to find out what had happened?

Answer: James decided to find out what had happened.

Question 4: Why did James decided to go and where did he end up?

Answer: James decided to go to the sorcerer’s castle to find out who had taken all the crops and ended up being his apprentice.

Question 5: Where did the sorcerer take James?

Answer: The sorcerer took James into his castle.

Question 6: Why couldn’t James learn the sorcerer’s spells at first?

Answer: James couldn’t learn the sorcerer’s spells at first because the sorcerer said his spells so softly that James couldn’t hear them.

Question 7: How did he ultimately learn them?

Answer: One day, James was so tired that he fell asleep behind some large pots in the hall. The sorcerer did not see him. Suddenly, there was a crash and James woke up. The sorcerer had dropped a jar on the floor. Since, no one was around, the sorcerer used the magic spell in a loud voice. So, James finally learnt them.

Question 8: What are some of the things that happened when James used his spell?

Answer: The broom fetched water for the pot and swept the floor. But it kept on filling the pot and soon there was water all over the floor.

Question 9: Describe the fight between James and sorcerer.

Answer: One day, when the sorcerer returned to his castle, James used the magic spell to get the broom to be at him. The sorcerer used his magic spell to turn into a huge bear. As the bear was going to attack James, James used the magic words to turn into a snake. He could now attack the bear, but then the bear turned into an eagle to attack the snake. James in turn, became a cat and chased the eagle, tearing out some of its feathers. The eagle flew out of the window.

Question 10: What part did the raven take in the flight?

Answer: The raven sat high on the top of a window and watched the fight.

Question 11: Who said to whom and when?

(a) I will find out who has done this.

Answer: James said to the villagers, the second time when all the harvest disappeared, he promises to find the culprit.

(b) Beat him! Beat him!

Answer: Sorcerer said to his magic broom when he discovered James using a magic spell to make the broom work, the broom beat James up.

(c) Let us get out of here.

Answer: James said to the raven when James as a cat managed to chase off the sorcerer, James ran towards the village.

So, these were The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Questions & Answers.

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